Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Coffee Shop Caption Comps 'Adam'

Issue 22 Caption Comps – ‘Adam’

What is Adam thinking as he stares at Gwen?

Betty Dee: Gwen thinks “Don’t stare at me – you’re creepy.”  While Adam wonders “Would she be up for a threesome with Tosh and me?”…

Claudia Lindner: Adam thinks “Judging by her memories, there’s nothing interesting at all going on in that woman’s private life.”

What did young Jack do to make his Mum cry?

Claudia Lindner: Mum: “What? You saw an ancient blue phone box standing on the beach and you didn’t fetch me?”

Betty Dee: Jack: “I failed my Math exam.”

~Jack~: Mom: What do you mean you recorded over The Great British Bake off?”

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