Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Profiles Adam Smith

Profile: Adam Smith

Species: Unknown parasitical alien
Episode Appeared in: S2 ‘Adam’
Played by: Bryan Dick

‘Adam Smith’ was the name the parasitical alien gave itself when he appeared in the Torchwood Hub after spending an incredibly long time stranded in the void trapped inside a small wooden box.  It fed on the memories of the team including Jack’s, drawing itself into existence and becoming a corporeal figure.  It created a fake identity, melding itself into minds of those within the Hub.  It claimed it had worked for Torchwood since 7th July 2005 and was born on 16th November 1982.  It implanted false memories into Toshiko Sato, manipulating her to believe that she had been with ‘Adam’ for a year.  Owen had completely transformed into a male version of Toshiko.  It implanted memories into Ianto that he was a mass murderer, heading out onto the streets of Cardiff murdering women in back alleys, having ‘Adam’ help in the disposal of them.  Jack’s memories took him back to the Boeshane Peninsula, to his last moments with his Dad and brother Gray.  After Jack went back through the CCTV files he discovered that ‘Adam’ had lied about his association with Torchwood – there was no blood phial in the fridge that all Torchwood staff had given at the start of their tenure with the organisation.

Jack gave each of the team a strong Retcon pill that would erase the last 48 hours which would remove the parasite from their memories.  To some it was easy, for others, such as Toshiko, saying goodbye to a man who had made her feel special and loved was hard.  Eventually even Toshiko took the pill. 

In one last attempt to save his life, Adam offered to take Jack back to his past, and the last time he saw his dad.  Manipulating Jack’s memories, he put himself into Jack’s memories in the shape of a young boy, destroying Jack’s real memories permanently.  As Jack took the Retcon and passed out, Adam’s physical body disappeared.  

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