Sunday, 1 March 2015

Big Finish Reviews+ Protect and Survive by Simon Mallinson

Big Finish Who Review: Protect and Survive

Written by Jonathan Morris
Reviewed By Simon Mallinson

If an attack with nuclear weapons is expected, you will hear the air attack warning. If you are not at home, but can get there within two minutes, do so. If you are in the open, take cover in the nearest building. If you cannot reach a building, lie flat on the ground and cover your head and your hands.

Arriving in the North of England in the late 1980s, Ace and Hex seek refuge at the home of Albert and Peggy Marsden... in the last few hours before the outbreak of World War Three.

Meanwhile, the Doctor is missing. Will there be anyone left for him to rescue, when the bombs begin to fall?

Being a child of the 70s and growing up in the Cold War period, this audio strikes a big cord with me.  I remember at school being shown the public service film and it left a big emotional hole within me, mainly the characters were so damn lovely it broke my heart.

To give Jonathan Morris credit, he has done a wonderful job bringing this to the audio. I suspect he watched the programme too, as he seems to have it spot on. 

Now The 7th Doctor is at his best, being so damn dark and mysterious, Ace is doing her best to impress Hex, but is there a dark side to our Albert and Peggy and how does the Doctor fit in and in fact who are they and why has the Tardis brought them here just before an attack????

So well done Jonny, you crafty sod, and well done Ken Bentley for honing the cast to perfection.  Sophie Aldred really excels in this and Philip Oliver starts to make you want Hex for a good while, as he is so damn good at the role and very very likeable, not only on audio but in the flesh as well.  Sylvester McCoy is as dark and charming as ever <wink>, but extra special thanks to Albert (Ian Hogg) and Peggy (Elizabeth Bennett) for transporting me back to a simpler age and making me believe again.

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