Tuesday, 10 February 2015

News Storyline - Soap is Dead Long Live Soap


‘Comedy is a Serious Business; a serious business with only one purpose – to make people laugh.’ W.C. Fields

It seems that the best comedies and action dramas these days are coming to the internet first rather than television.  It doesn’t mean that they’re any cheaper to run, cast and crew might work for free but there are still the insurances, the hire of equipment and the teabags to pay for!

Storyline is a new project by husband and wife team Maxine Evans and Neil Anthony Docking.  Maxine, who has her own production company – Independence Pictures is not only an actress known for her scary role in Torchwood and her ‘cockin’ role in Stella, but has also been a series editor on Crossroads, a storyliner on Coronation Street and has directed Nuts and Bolts for ITV and ‘Rain’ a feature film musical.  Maxine is also a Professional Headshot photographer. http://www.maxineevansphotography.co.uk/

Neil is a writer, composer and producer who worked in press, radio, film, theatre and television.  Neil worked as writer, script doctor, storyliner and story editor for Crossroads, Emmerdale and Casualty. 

The new project Storyline is a ‘fast paced, quick fire comedy with dramatic twists that is set behind the unruly and unyielding scenes of a fictional Soap Opera.’ 

‘We want to make three totally original episodes and broadcast them for free across the internet as a prelude to something more ambitious and long running.’ Says Neil Anthony Docking, as he lays out his plans for the Kickstarter project. 

The episodes will be between 15-18mins long and feature a star studded international cast from the world of soaps including: Jane Gurnett, Terri Dwyer, Mark Homer, Steve Spiers, Jo Matthews, Deddie Davies, Mary Healey, Morgan Deare, Cameron Blakely, Tilly Blackwood, Ruth Minkley, Ray Emmet Brown, Lewes Roberts and John Weldon.

There’s also the possibility that Gareth David-Lloyd may appear in Episode 4 and chatting with Maxine yesterday, there’s hopes to include Eve Myles in another Episode.  Now the thing is, for there to be an Episode 4 and beyond, they have to reach their target of £10,000 and above, and that’s where you guys come in. 

You can pledge for as little as a few quid, but for £10 you could get an exclusive private online preview of the episodes, plus your name on the credits.  For £25 you get all of that plus a chance to audition for a supporting role in the show.  For £50 you get all that plus a souvenir cast and crew t-shirt.  For £100 & £250 you get autographed limited edition scripts.  If you pledge £500 you get to appear as a guest vocalist on the theme song and a £1000 guarantees you a walk on part in the show.  How cool is that?

Shooting is scheduled to begin in March 2015. 

You can find out more on their Kickstarter Page here - which will also give you a lot more detail about the show including a breakdown of the three free online episodes.

This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone wishing to be a part of a show so what are you waiting for. 

Follow the links and pledge now.  You won’t regret it. 

Hey, maybe we’ll get a part for Joshua!!! 

Get Pledging today and let’s bring British Comedy back!


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