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The Coffee Shop Torchwood Returns to Audio - Have your say!

Torchwood Returns to Audio

The most exciting news to come out of January has to be the news of Torchwood’s return if only with Radio plays but it’s coming back and that is good news.  We asked the fans what they thought to the news and the views were mixed.  Reached 447 views.

~Jack~ What's great to know is that Torchwood hasn't been abandoned, by the actors or by the writers and it's wonderful news to know that RTD will be at the helm again.

Rhiannon Cork New Nothing is actually confirmed yet it mught not happen yet john said on twitter its just an idea

Katja Armbruster He said it's an idea that Carol and he write one of the episodes. But that the Radio plays come is a 100% as far as I understand.

~Jack~ From what I'm reading from the articles online it seems there are to be 3 or 4 radio plays but they've not begun recording yet so that indicates to me that it's far from just an idea.
~Tosh~ For those who have hearing problems. Do as I do. Headphones. I miss a lot due to a hearing problem, so I wear my earbuds to focus the sound. Works great with mumbling Broadchurch lol ~ Tosh

Tamie Wiggins Hmm... I never have any luck with earbuds. My ears must be shaped wrong.
On the other hand, I have this ginormous set of headphones that fully covers my ears and provides decent sound--nothing a professional would use, I'm sure, but more than good enough for me.

Even so, books, or TV with subtitles, is always a better option for me if that option exists.
Especially since I'm now learning my problems may be due as much to a sensory processing disorder (not uncommon with things like Attention Deficit) as to actual hearing problems--ANYTHING vocal is hard for me to retain if I have nothing but sound to go by. (Case in point, I rarely listen to the radio or vocal music because I CAN'T listen to it--John's recent album being one of my rare exceptions--and I don't talk on the phone or do voice chats unless I absolutely need to, but I've yet to have trouble with "mumbling Broadchurch"  with or without headphones or subtitles)

~Tosh~ A TV series would have been fabulous rather than radio, but I'll take what I can take lol maybe if this gets good figures the BBC will bw encouraged to make a new TV series. So I encourage ALL our followers to tune in. That way it'll register on their radar!

Tamie Wiggins There is that option, certainly... provided, of course, that the radio show is on a station we get. Living in the US doesn't make this easier, you know.

Jan Swanton Do we know if all the radio stuff that has been broadcast has been released on CD? Every now and then I scan Amazon for new CDs and books but I blush to say I've never actually listened to them when they were broadcast!

~Jack~ All the radio plays that have been broadcast so far have been released on CD. The last load were The Lost Files, check out Ebay too, that's where I bought mine from

Jan Swanton Thanks. Good to know I am not missing out. Yep, have The Lost Files. Excellent as ever.

~Jack~ One of my favourite audios is Ghost Train read by Kai Owen, although love them all really. I look forward to hearing the audio (if they ever bring it out) of The Men Who Sold the World as that is a great novel if you ever get to read it

Jan Swanton Well, on the +side. They kept Dr Who going through the lean years with audio episodes and it does mean you can use original actors who may have changed their appearance. It is definitely better than nothing and some of the audio only stuff we already have is top notch. On the -side, it's a cheap cop out. It may not necessarily lead to a new TV show, but we can only live in hope. After all, Exodus Code is just sitting waiting to be filmed. It is skillfully written so you can even film a lot of it in a quarry (g) and doesn't have 'expensive to film' requirements.

It comes down to RTD and the BBC. But all in all, good news - so long as they release them on CD. I'm bound to missed them when they are broadcast, as I rarely scan the radio pages 'in case'.

~Jack~ Yes this is my hope too, I'd like the discs to listen to as I can't often guarantee I'll be around or be able to pick up the digital radio signal

Kirsty Price Hell no. Not impressed. I'm supposed to understand a radio? Are they not thinking properly?

Betty Dee Awesome how many reactions this entry has gotten so far!  

Caroline Warboys This sooooo has to happen !!

Janice Adams Radio plays are great. Of this is the only way we are getting them back that is fine with me. TV or a movie or two would be something I would love too. However there is always the problem of getting the human actor to look as ageless as the character he will be playing as the years progress. Radio has no problem with that.

Pauline Howard I can't wait I loved the others and thought they are really good so bring it on !!

Paul Buckton will it continue with the team after Miracle day? Jack, Gwen and Rex. Or the original team set during season 1?

Ianto Tarrant Better than nothing at all, so long as the original cast are playing their characters.

Anne Adam I like the radio plays

Caroline Stolze There have already been Torchwood radio plays with the cast on BBC radio ages ago and I loved them! Looking forward to it!

Rhiannon Cork New Lets just be happy they're considering doing a radio show first of all

Jo Rita Raymer I'm so very happy. It’s been a long time.

Kirsty Price Tosh.... Try being completely deaf. How would that work?

Claudia Lindner Well, I'm really looking forward to the radio plays, I hope it will be the whole original team in it. I don't see any issue getting to listen to them, if they are aired with the BBC, and with other stations, a lot of them can be listened to on the web internationally, and if not there are always workaround, so I don't see any reason for being all negative about it because of that.  Of course I would love a new TV series of TW, but who knows, if radio plays are successful and fans show they still want Torchwood.  It will take some time, until they are going to be produced, I think. They all have to find the time to do it and they yet have to be written. But yay, I love the news and hope there will be a chance for more TW on TV.

Rhiannon Cork New it would be great if the radio plays were actually confirmed first, maybe if the radio plays were a success they'll also consider a TV series, that would be pretty amazing but it would have to be original cast. Like what if Ianto had a kid no one knew about seeing as we know next to nothing about his life and Gareth could just be a scruffier rebel instead of pristine

Betty Dee I'm not having trouble hearing but not being a native speaker would make it hard to understand the radio plays - if I can ever get my hands on them.

I'm way more used to American English and I was not impressed when I found out that my Torchwood DVDs don't have German subtitles. I usually watch DVDs with subtitles turned on. When I put them on I put the English subtitles on because sometimes someone mumbles and that makes it even worse to understand someone.

Movie (TV or cinema) or TV series would have been my preferred choice. Plus it sounds as so far they are just planning on the audio plays. The BBC still might slim that down to just one.

Major issue for me is really to get my hands on these - legally. I think every non-speaking Torchwood fan will be majorly pissed about this because once again we are left out. (Although having to wait for ages to just get it dubbed on telly isn't any better - but then there are usually DVDs one can get their hands on.)

On a business level I think they choose the audio plays because production costs are slimmer. But then they can't distribute it the way they can with a TV series or a movie - spreading it world wide. I have no idea if the radio plays ever got released on CD or for download but I bet other fans record them first and share them. With DVDs there's usually the incentive of getting the extras when you buy them - but here... I think they really need someone who is good with numbers production wise and could point out where they can make more money. I bet even just in reruns Torchwood still makes them some money. (Miracle Day was just on German television in November and December.) I doubt that reruns on the radio play will get them a lot of money.

Would love to hear/read the view of someone in the USA or Canada or Australia. So many pages are blocked nowadays for listening or viewing stuff unless you are inside that country that is broadcasting it. Sure, there are ways, but it's a pain in the arse plus you never know if you are still in the "legal" zone.

Tamie Wiggins As a fan who is hard of hearing, I'd have to say, no, radio plays would not be enough--nor would audio books, for that matter.
I'd need print- or e-books at LEAST--transcripts don't count--but new TV episodes would obviously be best.

Lesley Buffy Williams Would rather watch it like but if radio the only way we can have TW back then why not.

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