Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Coffee Shop Those Funny Moments in Torchwood: Meat

Those Funny Moments in ‘Meat’

With any episode of Torchwood there have been some funny or memorable moments that have made you chuckle.  We asked the fans to post up their memorable moments from the episode.  If you can think of any, join in and keep this thread going.

Rachel Trowbridge - The scene where Owen shoots at an alarm to deactivate it.  What Ianto says before that makes it more funny. "Did you bring the alarm deactivator?" 

DJ ~Jack~ - The Homo erotica scene in the Hub and when Rhys realises what Gwen does and can't believe it.  "Aliens In Cardiff?"

Lauren Goodrum - Where Rhys meets the rest of the Torchwood team.

Claudia Lindner - When Owen picks all the meat bits off his pizza after they examine the meat from the lorry.  

Or when Rhys is in the lorry with Jack and asks him: "You're not gay by any chance?"  Love it how Jack so not answers the question. 

If you can think of any more, add them below in the comment box.  We’ll be doing more of these in the coming months, check out our Facebook Page and join in.

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