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Locations Season 2 - Episode 4 - Meat by John Bond Winstone

Torchwood Locations Guide
Season 2 – Episode 4 – Meat

By John Bond-Winstone (a.k.a. The Doctor)

Well I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break my little humans.  I was kind enough this year to give our dear Captain a little present and turn on his Vortex Manipulator for 24 hours so that he can have some fun travelling around and hopefully with the aim of him not bugging me…. To my avail I was wrong… He managed to get the thing linked to my TARDIS somehow... Pesky Boy… 

Well as you know we have had a little break so let’s move on and get on with this guide.  Many of the locations used are in previous locations I have covered before so instead of me boring you with all the directions I will guide you to which edition of these guides to find them (Just me being lazy as well you know the Doctor is a very busy man).

Trident Park (Formerly known as Nipon Glass), Glass Avenue, Cardiff Bay.
This location has been previously used in Doctor Who (We have covered this in our TW/DW edition).  For Meat, this site has been used for various locations, Owen and Ianto searching the Warehouses, The dealers turning up to find Rhys and for all the factory based scenes.

How to get to Trident Park:
Get Bus Number 2 from Canal Street which is behind John Lewis Department Store and it leaves every 30 mins on the hour
Get off at Glass Avenue bus stop.
Walk up to the roundabout and take the junction to your right.
Walk along Glass Avenue and Trident Park is straight in front of you.
The park is currently undergoing heavy reconstruction, and there is no public access so photos can only be really be taken from the roundabout outside.

Roald Dahl Plass, Cardiff Bay
Well by now surely you would know how to get to this location as if you have been to Cardiff is the home of the hub.

For this episode, this is used for the time Gwen takes Rhys into the Hub via the Secret Entrance in front of the Water Tower.

Senedd Building, National Assembly for Wales, Pierhead, Cardiff, CF99 1NA
This location is used throughout Torchwood and is just around the corner from the Hub.  For this location in this episode, it is used as a filming base for when Gwen and Rhys are sat outside on the steps talking about the events of the day.

Celtic Ring, Mermaid Quayside, Cardiff Bay
This is the location when Gwen hugs Rhys when he has a broken arm.  To get to Celtic Ring, head straight to the bottom of Roald Dahl Plass and walk under the bridge.  You will see the Celtic Ring in front of you.

Imperial Park Bypass nr Coedkernew, Newport, NP10
This location is not in a public area and only seems to be have been built as a bypass for the Imperial Park but that did not finish completion. This location is used for when Rhys is caught up in a Road Traffic Accident.

How to get to Imperial Park Bypass:
Road: M4 - Exit the M4 at junction 28, then follow the A48 westwards towards Castleton. At the third roundabout (Coedkernew) turn left and the bypass runs from the next junction

Thanks for reading my little humans and see you in the next edition.

The Doctor

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