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Locations Issue 20 'To The Last Man' by John Bond-Winstone

Torchwood Locations Guide
Season 2 – Episode 3 – To The Last Man

By John Bond-Winstone a.k.a. The Doctor

Well I know I have been a bit quiet lately.  As always real life gets in the way and having to work long shifts to keep the money coming in so unfortunately my Locations Guide had to take a bit of a back seat and I am already in trouble with that pesky Jack because I missed this month’s deadline.  I will submit this season’s 1st and 2nd episode, at a later date. 

This episode was one of my favourite episodes of the season as you get to see Tosh’s vulnerable side as she starts to fall for one of the victims (A soldier named Tommy) who is stuck outside of his time.

I also worked at Cardiff Film and Comic Con last month and had the pleasure of meeting the real life coffee boy, Ianto (Gareth David-Lloyd), what a sweetheart he is. As I worked the event, I can’t really say anything about how it all went as I was working on the Front Door tickets desk on Saturday and then working with one of the Power Ranger Actors from Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (that was a pure fangirl moment).  Well enough about me.  Let’s get on with what you really want to know, the locations.

Location 1 – The Millers Tavern, 3 Brook Street, Riverside, Cardiff, CF11 6LG

So this location is used for the scene where Tosh and Tommy go for a drink and play a round of pool.  This location is now derelict according to a source on Doctor Who Locations (

If you look at other sites, the sources say that the location is the Eli Jenkins in Cardiff Bay but looking at the reference pics on Doctor Who Locations, the evidence resembles the Millers Tavern.

How to get to the Millers Tavern:
            From Cardiff Central Bus Station, Catch the Number 13 Bus
Get off at Lower Cathedral Road, just ooposite the GMB Building.
Walk down Lower Cathedral Road
Brook Street is on your left hand side.
Walk along Brook Street until you come to the corner of Green Street and you have reached your destination (says in a Sexy Sat Nav Voice)

Location 2- Glanrhyd Hospital, Tondu Road, Bridgend, CF31 4LN

This location is used for the hospital scenes throughout this episode (Thanks to Doctor Who Locations for the source). Glanrhyd Hospital is situated in Penyfai, on the outskirts of Bridgend. Glanrhyd Hospital provides a range of in-patient Mental Health facilities including EMI Assessment, Respite Care and long stay beds and Elderly Functionally Ill Unit, Continuing Care, Rehabilitation and Respite Care beds for Adult Services.  The hospital is a working hospital so you may not be able to get to the exact location.  Please as a word of warning do respect this for the patient care.

How to get to Glanrhyd Hospital:
From Cardiff Central Bus Station, catch the X2 bus to Bridgend Bus Station (Leaves every half an hour)
Then find the Bus Stop that serves Bus Number 4, Bridgend to Aberkenfig service (Leaves every 60 minutes
Get off at the hospital

Location 3- Toshiko’s Flat, Palace Road, Cardiff, CF5 2AH

This location was used for Toshiko’s flat and they actually used this flat to film in.  I actually do know the number of this house but your little task is to go down Palace Road and see if you can find it.  If you do send us a picture with you outside there (Remember this is a person’s home).

How to get to Palace Road:
            From Cardiff Central Bus Station, Catch the Bus Number 62 to Pentrebane
Get off the bus on the 2nd stop on Palace Road.  Good Hunting

Location 4 – Norwegian Church, Harbour Drive, Cardiff Bay, CF10 4PA

This location is used when Tosh and Tommy visit the Norwegian Church and the Captain Scott Memorial in the Bay.    

How to get to the Norwegian Church:
From Cardiff Bus Station, Walk to Lower St Mary Street and catch the BayCar (Number 6) Bendy Bus Service to the Bay
Get off at Harbour Drive before the Doctor Who Experience and look for a White Wooden Church
Location 5 – Penarth Pier, The Esplanade, CF64 3AU

This is the location where Tommy and Tosh finally get to kiss before he is sent back in time through the time distortion.

How to get to Penarth Pier:
During the summer you can catch the Bus Number 91 from Cardiff Central Station direct to Penarth Pier.
In the Winter Months you need to catch any bus that goes to Penarth and get off in the Town Centre at Windsor Arcade
Walk down Windsor Terrace onto Beach Road
Walk down the hill until you see the Bristol Channel
Keep walking along this road and you will see Penarth Pier.

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