Saturday, 29 November 2014

Expo & Cons Cardiff Film and Comic Con 2014 by Louise Neale and Melanie Peake

Cardiff Film and Comic Con 2014 by Louise Neale and Melanie Peake

Cardiff Film and Comic Con is an event where comic and movie fans alike can come together and show off their creativity through the very popular art of Cosplay. 

This event was both mine (Louise Neale) and Melanie Peake’s first Comic Con event.  We have done various Cosplay events in the past and hope to do many more in the future.  From our experience of this year’s event, we had a lot of fun shooting videos, mingling with the stars, having our photo’s taken and hanging out with fellow Cosplayers. 

We appeared in the papers and were filmed for a BBC3 documentary following a disabled student who shared our love of Cosplay and enjoys Cosplaying as Batman. 

We arrived bright and early on Saturday the 8th November where we transformed into one of our many alter egos.  We attended this event in order to promote Paul Mohamed’s stall Heroes, Aliens and Monsters.  We have attended many events where we have had the opportunity to promote many businesses as the one above and hope to continue doing the same in the future. 

Once transformed in to our alter ego’s we made our way into the crowd to entertain and join group photographs.  Throughout the day we took part in short film sequences where we were asked to act out some fight scenes as our characters.  We also took part in radio and short video interviews as our characters.

Throughout the day we were asked by members of the public to have photos with them and also by some of the celebrities at the event who appreciated our costumes.

From attending this event we have been asked to participate in further events and have been booked into many events next year.  We even hope to travel to the San Diego Comic Con in July next year which we are currently looking in to.

We have met so many great people at the events that we do and have made many friends and contacts and hope to gain more through future events. 

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  1. Ah I remember you two.. I was sat with the Power Ranger Actor on the Sunday.

    You two ladies were quite awesome in your costumes