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Articles The Life of a Jobbing Actor by Justin Walters

The Life of a Jobbing Actor

By Justin Walters

My Prep for auditions

For every audition I will write the lines down and learn them so I know them back to front. I try and envision the character I am reading for if given a breakdown of the character, if not then I try and put my own take on it. I also self tape a lot so I can look back at anything I can improve in regards to the delivery of the lines. A lot of Theatre auditions are done like workshops now, so you can't really prepare for them. But they are really fun as you get to do improvisation.

In between jobs

What I do in between jobs is write my own ideas for scripts. I sometimes don't shave for nearly a week. But really just to keep my mind active, I also walk a lot just to keep my mind and soul healthy. As an actor you are always learning. I also try and get some part time jobs to keep that ever present wolf from the door.

I think being an actor has its highs and lows. But I wouldn't change my chosen career for anything else, it gives me freedom and although sometimes tough it's so enjoyable. Life isn't always about money it’s about living it to the fullest potential.

So if you have dreams don’t let anyone tell you that it’s an unattainable. It is out there for you to grab.

Life of an actor is that of uncertainty, but if it’s in your heart it is always bubbling away in you. My advice for people trying to get in to this industry is to work at it, do amateur theatre, check out drama colleges/ schools just work at it. Plus get used to rejection because in acting there is a lot.

I am an active supporter of the ACT FOR CHANGE PROJECT it’s an autonomous committee which was set up on 30th June 2014 after ITV’s Winter Trailer ‘Where Drama Lives’ which failed to show any BAME actors.  You can find out more about the organisation and how to get involved by following this link

To all Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy Dream filled Year. Xxx

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