Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Coffee Shop How Big is Your Fandom Pt 2

How Big is Your Fandom pt 2

I’m not the only one with a massive collection of Torchwood or Who memorabilia, I’m certain that out there, someone has a far larger collection of the TARDIS or the Daleks, or the tin dog.  When we asked the fans on our Facebook Page and indeed on Twitter, it warmed our hearts to see fans post up their collection and post on the FB page.

Be it Torchwood or Who, the fans love the show, certain characters, and could tell you where they were when they purchased a particular signed photo, or where they had their picture taken, or indeed where they picked up their action figure. 

Below are fans who have shared their fandom with us, if you want to join in, then be sure to message us on Facebook, or email us at: with your photos, including your name or username and maybe something about your collection.  It doesn’t have to be very long; the length is entirely up to you.

"Agony Antje"

"Queen of Fire"


Special thanks to "Agony Antje", Ghosty-Gwenie and "Queen of Fire" for their photos.

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