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Profiles Sleeper Agents: Cell 114

Sleeper Agents: Cell 114

Species: Cell 114
Name: Keryehla Janees
Rank: Putaak Graszh
Serial Number: Ish-nin-fas-du-hap-vac-nal
Fake ID: Beth Halloran
Married to: Mike Halloran (deceased)
Other active cells: Three agents (paramedic and young mother) – who were both killed in the bombings of a petrol tanker and Cardiff communications building, rendering communications down bar CB radio and 'tin cans with bits of string.'  A Cell named David was also activated after Beth was taken off the grid.   
Threat scale: CODE RED
Agents played by: Nikki Amuka-Bird, Doug Rollins, Millie Phillipart and Derek Lea.

 “She’s a sleeper agent.    No-one knows very much, they don’t make survivors.  Official designation is Cell 114.  They infiltrate planets, adapting their bodies, gathering intelligence, sometimes for years, watching until they’re ready to take over.    If we’re lucky, she’s the first.  They send an advanced guard to gather intel, given false memories, so they blend in.  She has no idea she’s not human.  Her real cell must have taken over briefly, killed burglars, self preservation.  The point is, by the time they attack, they know every single thing about the planet.”  Captain Jack Harkness, Sleeper S2 E2

Jack is right.  Cell 114 look as human as you and I, but once activated, they’re a super human killing machine.  They have their own force field generator just above their skin making it impossible to penetrate.  Unless of course you have a Toshiko Sato on board your team, who uses an E.M. Pulse to fry the signal that calls the other Cells to arms, and deactivates their force field.  This was particularly useful when taking down ‘David’, the last of the 3 Cells activated when Toshiko took Beth off the grid. 

When Beth was taken off the network, the only thing she could think of was Mike.  He was her world.  She couldn’t leave him without saying goodbye.  Beth was also able to trick the computers and equipment into believing what she wanted it to.  The fake ID.  All Cell 114 agents are equipped with it.  A necessary tool in which there are no survivors, and that can mean, removing every shred of their fake identity from existence, from Mike to David’s wife to the baby in the pram.

The only thing Jack Harkness is concerned about now however, is how many more Sleepers there are, and how soon before another Cell is activated. 

Definitely a high scale danger


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ISBN 978-1-846-07764-7

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©BBC Torchwood 2006

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