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News Small Animal Hospital Channel 4 November 3rd

Small Animal Hospital

Channel 4 (UK) at 1.40pm on weekdays
from Monday, 3 November to Friday, 21 November,
with repeats on Channel 4+1 at 2.40pm
and at 6.00pm on Channel 4-7.

John Barrowman is back on our screens on the 3rd November with a brand new programme that looks at the work carried out by Glasgow University’s School of Veterinary Medicine, one of the leading hospitals in Europe. 

John posted up snippets of videos about the work he was doing at the Small Animal Hospital on Twitter and his Facebook Page during the summer of this year, including sporting a large plaster on his cheek, which proves even further ‘never work with animals’.  I wonder if we’ll find out how that was caused, needless to say, no permanent damage. 

In Episode 1 – Shadow the Labrador and Dudley the Pig - John visits a greedy pig called Dudley who loves food waaay too much, and meets a black Lab who has problems with his back legs and causes much concern for his owners.

Episode 2 – Max, Lardy Labs and Rebellious Reptiles – Max the Spaniel has suspected meningitis; some heavy weight Labradors compete to lose the most weight and John comes face to face with some rebellious reptiles – (sounds like an episode of Torchwood).

Episode 3 – Nico and Oscar the Cat - Nico, a Japanese Akita needs emergency treatment after colliding with his brother.  And can John help Oscar a podgy moggy to lose a serious amount of weight?

Episode 4 – Cara the Collie and Mischief the Cat - Cara is a collie who comes to the hospital suffering from breathing difficulties, and John meets Mischief the cat whose thyroid problem requires a ‘radioactive’ solution.

Episode 5 – Hooligan Jack and Molly the Collie - No this episode isn’t about John and his shenanigans as Captain Jack Harkness, it’s a horse called Hooligan Jack who comes into the hospital with hoof problems.  Also, can a dose of acupuncture relieve Molly the Collie’s stiffness?

Episode 6 – A Westie and Angus the Sheepdog – (Possible hanky episode) A Westie with heart problems requires a high tech solution and John becomes emotionally attached to Angus the Shetland sheepdog.

Episode 7 – German Shepherd Puppies and Alfie – Alfie the boisterous chocolate Lab is making life difficult for the vets and John is in his element when a litter of German Shepherd puppies need help with being fed.

Episode 8 – Rocky the Rebel and Percy – John attends a puppy party where he attempts to help train Rocky the rebel.  This should be interesting!!!  And a pony called Percy has his life turned upside down.

And in Episode 9 – Toby the Poodle and a Snake – John meets Toby the poodle whose funny walk has the vets stumped.  (Best not inform Captain John Hart about this). And a snake proves to be a slippery customer when it’s time for an X ray.

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