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News Happy Birthday Saskia Deck & Steven Savile 12th October 2014

Happy Birthday Saskia Deck & Steven Savile

Happy Birthday Saskia, you celebrate your birthday with author Steven Savile, writer of Doctor Who 'Short Trips' novels as well as Torchwood audio story ‘Hidden’ as well ‘Gordian’ and ‘Black Water’ for Torchwood magazine and yearbook. Including OGMIOS team novels and Alex Archer series.  To find out more read our brilliant interview that we had with Steven in April of this year by following this link.

In 1968, episode 5 of The Mind Robber was broadcast.  It was Season 6 and starred Patrick Troughton as the 2nd Doctor with companions Jamie McCrimmon and Zoe Heriot. 
Writers were Peter Ling & Derrick Sherwin, Director was David Maloney.

The TARDIS explodes, propelling the crew into a strange world peopled by fictional characters....*

In 1987, episode 2 of Paradise Towers was broadcast.  It was Season 24 and starred Sylvester McCoy as the 7th Doctor with companions Melanie Bush and Ace.
Richard Briers played Chief Caretaker, Catherine Cusack played Blue Kang Leader, Elizabeth Spriggs played Tabby.
Writer was Stephen Wyatt and Director was Nicholas Mallett.

A block of flats occupied by street gangs and cannibalistic geriatrics is ruled by a dictatorial caretaker and his cronies...*

In 1988, Episode 2 of Remembrance of the Daleks was broadcast.  It was Season 25 and again starred Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor with Ace as his companion. 
George Sewell played Ratcliffe, Michael Sheard played the Headmaster, Terry Molloy played Emperor Dalek and Davros,
Writer was Ben Aaronovitch and Director was Andrew Morgan.

Arriving in 1963 London to reclaim the Hand of Omega, the Doctor is caught between two rival Dalek factions...*

And finally in 2012, P.S. was broadcast. A mini (5 minute) episode featuring Rory Williams, with the 11th Doctor, Amy Pond and Brian Williams in cameo roles, that was set after Rory and Amy’s departure in ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’  and depicts a letter sent from Rory to his Dad Brian, explaining why he could never return.  The episode was dubbed “the scene that was never shot” as it was told through storyboard drawings. 
It was Season 7.
Writer was Chris Chibnall

Other people with a birthday today are:  Josh Hutcherson, Hugh Jackman, Luciano Pavarotti (1935-2007), Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) and Rick Parfitt.

Have a wonderful birthday from everyone at Project: Torchwood

©BBC Doctor Who 1963
Campbell (2000) Doctor Who Pocket Essential Guide* 

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