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Beyond The Hub Sexting Teacher by "Pumpkin Howl"

Docu-Review:  Sexting Teacher

Channel 4 Production
Narrated by Eve Myles
Producer/Director Adrian Gatton
Executive Producer Ed Coulthard
Prod co Blast Films
Reviewed by “Pumpkin Howl”

‘Sexting Teacher’ is the story of a young teenager who falls in love with her teacher. They become closer and closer until they form a relationship. This is shown through numerous meetings between the two, direct messages on social media which further breaches the law between students and teachers of a certain age.

‘Sexting Teacher’ tells the stories of three teacher-pupil sexual relationships with the help of social media and smart phones, including a reconstruction of the case of maths teacher Jeremy Forrest, who ran away to France with a 15-year-old pupil.
The relationship starts as it shows the student even purposely leaving items in his classroom, just so she could see him again. She explained this in an interview, saying she thought he did notice, but ignored it. Moreover, the documentary shows their relationship developing and him even comforting her when she had a breakdown or issues within her family.

 The documentary also shows the parents plea to get their child back, and the exact actions of Jeremy Forrest, including UK and French police working together and searching everywhere and even showing him throwing his phone overboard on the boat to France. Forrest is currently in prison serving time for his actions. 

All three cases in the documentary led to the conviction of the teacher and had a traumatic effect on those involved and around those people. The cases show how technology is making a worrying trend of relationships between teachers and their students and show the dangers for the girls involved. 

This is a must-watch, as it highlights further the dangers which a minority of students may face. Personally, I found the information giving an insight to modern day issues, and I believe everyone should watch this. It's an important subject for teenagers and teachers alike. This does not state that every single teacher is going to want to have a relationship with a student, yet we should not dismiss the subject completely. This is a compelling documentary which handles the subject carefully, and describes the issues through re-construction. 

The importance is becoming more and more powerful as I’ve been told by fellow friends that they have had an eye for one of their professionals, and it even improves their grades. Even the boys gasped at the sight of a new blonde teacher whom arrived, and slobbered over her, until she placed an essay in front of them. Their interest disappeared. Even close family have spoken to me about how they had a certain “crush” on some of their teachers, and learnt better.

In my opinion, it is not wrong, often happens and a few months pass and that person will fade in their mind, but when it starts to go further, there is a problem. “That’s great” was my response to my friend but since reflecting on such a powerful documentary, it may be a subject of which is a bit too taboo.

The Channel 4 documentary highlighting affairs between students and staff, and the technology involved was narrated by Eve Myles. This featured real stories with actors in interviews and psychologists concerning the cases arising between students and teachers. Eve stated on Twitter in November 2013; 6 months pregnant, that she had spent the day working with Channel 4.

Although we got no pre-warning that Myles was narrating except from a few snip-its’ advertising the piece, we found out from fellow fans, Eve was narrating the documentary that night. Straight from the Welsh mouth, we heard Eve telling stories which have broke through the news in history, and even some people speaking about their love for those who educate the youth of society.

Myles delicately and beautifully narrates the piece. This is a small subject with vast consequences although a minority of these cases arise; it’s a subject which should be discussed to younger people. In terms, we are speaking about an adult, who is mature and experienced of life and a teen that is just getting their claws into the real world, profession or otherwise, the morals disagree.

Myles sensitively handles the subject and is rising in her professional career, and promises the fact that 2015 is her year. Further suggesting she has a few surprises up her sleeve, and even hinted that she is looking to take part in some more films.

Sexting Teacher is currently unavailable on Channel 4, however, you can watch it on the DailyMotion here: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1cr2ke_eve-myles-narrates-sexting-teacher-for-channel-4_news

Credit Cover Art: Nikki Forrest

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