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Profiles The Futurekind

The Futurekind


Episode appeared in: Utopia
Doctor appeared with: Tenth
Original Broadcast: 16 June 2007
Species: Human mutants
Danger level: Code RED

Near the very end of the universe in the year one hundred trillion, where the stars had finally burnt out, there lived in the ruins of a long dead civilisation, a race of people known as the Futurekind.  They lived near the old Coral City of the Malmooth, the area of hives and ledges that the Doctor had pointed out to Jack and Martha, as once being a thriving conglomeration, in Malcassairo.  The Futurekind were a nomadic tribe, moving from one place to the next in search of their next meal.  They were constantly hungry.

Similar in many ways to the humans the Futurekind had noticeable differences, the pointed teeth which enabled them to tear through the human flesh that they craved, the markings of their tribe with their tattoos and piercings, which seemed to grow less and less depending on their rank. They communicated through a series of hissed responses and limited vocabulary.  They would travel in packs rather like animals and would flush out the odd human who was yet to reach Silo 16, the last sanctuary for the human race. 

The name Futurekind was given to this nomadic cannibal race by the humans in Silo 16.  So short was the food supply on Malcassairo that the humans saw this sharp toothed race as being the final stage of human evolution. 

Every human who made it to Silo 16 had to pass a Teeth Inspection.  If they had pointed teeth, they were refused access.  However one such Futurekind did manage to sneak into the Silo.  Her mission was to destroy the power supply in order to allow her fellow Futurekind into the Silo, however her plans were thwarted after sabotaging a power supply that pumped stet radiation into the chamber below the rocket thrusters, killing the man inside by vaporising him inside his protective suit.

When Professor Yana had discovered his true identity after opening the Galifreyan Fob Watch, the Silo security gates were opened, and the Futurekind entered, to ransack and search out the remaining ‘humans’ which in this instance was the Doctor, Martha and Captain Jack Harkness.

©BBC Doctor Who 1963

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