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Profiles Chantho


“Chan Professor, I’m so sorry, but I must stop you tho!”

Episode appeared in: Utopia
Doctor appeared with: Tenth
Original Broadcast: 16 June 2007
Species: Malmooth
Character played by: Chipo Chung

Chantho was the last known surviving member of the species known as the Malmooth, she once lived out in the Coral City that was part of the Malmooth Conglomeration.  She was 1.5m in height, blue skinned and insect like, with a tough exoskeleton, where mandibles on the side of her face moved as she spoke.  She had a large head and survived by drinking her own internal milk.  Chantho’s race was super intelligent, highly sophisticated and technologically advanced. 

When Chantho spoke she began each sentence with the first syllable of her name, and ended it with the last syllable of her name.  To not use this during conversation was deemed rude.  But when Martha asked her to just try it, Chantho obliged but instantly behaved in the same fashion as anyone when saying something rude, and unlike their nature. 

Chantho was the Professor’s scientific assistant.  Her work with Professor Yana at the Silo was to perfect the propulsion system for the large rocket that would in effect; take the last of the humans to Utopia.  A place fabled to be the land of milk and honey!

Chantho adored the Professor, she knew that when the rocket was powered up and ready for take-off, that the Professor would be staying behind, and she would be staying with him.  She wasn’t to know however that the Professor, the loveable, kind old man who was often set in his ways, was really an evil Time Lord known as The Master.  When the Professor discovered his true identity, after opening the Gallifreyan fob watch, Chantho saw the change, and when he switched off the security to the gates allowing the Futurekind access to the Silo, Chantho knew she had to stop him.  The Professor now the Master, thought he could silence her by using the severed power cable and electrocute her, but before he could step into the TARDIS, Chantho used the last of her energy to kill him with a laser pistol.  This in turn forced the Master to regenerate, from the old bumbling Professor Yana, to the young, energetic, Harold Saxon.

©BBC Doctor Who 1963

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