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News Happy Birthday Toshiko Sato 19th September 2014

Happy Birthday Toshiko Sato

19th September 2014

On this day we will mark Toshiko’s birthday with a celebration of her life in Torchwood.  We’re holding another hashtag event in our #BringBackTorchwood campaign.


It’s a fitting tribute to the technical support of Torchwood Three.  Her knowledge of all quantum calculations, her quick responses at over-riding the Hub’s lock down with a sequence of key strokes on the keyboard membrane of her computer, allowing the team to save Gwen Cooper from the madness that was Suzie Costello.

So join with us, on this day, Friday 19th September, to celebrate Toshiko’s life and loves on Twitter.  You can post your support on Facebook, on our Page if you do not have a Twitter account.  You can rally support from all Pages who honour Torchwood.  Call on your friends, call on your TORCHWOOD friends, supporters, cast and crew. 

Let’s hear it for TOSHIKO SATO.

It’s an all day event, join in when you can, and let’s get #ToshikoSatoDay and #BringBackTorchwood trending.

Remember to tell your friends to pledge their support of Torchwood by signing the petition hosted by @SaveTorchwood, to bring the series back.  We need as many names as possible.  Let’s make this happen people.

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