Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Whoniverse Round-Up August 2014

Welcome to our new segment of the news that rounds off all that is happening in the world of Who, Torchwood and beyond that is too small to be posted as an article. 

August 2014

Cush Jumbo makes her Broadway debut this year in Jez Butterworth’s play The River.  Starring alongside Hugh Jackman and Laura Donnelly, the play will run for 13 weeks from 31st October to 25th January 2015.

Ceri Mears will be in the new season of CBBC’s 4 o’clock Club.  We’re not sure of his role in the series or the episode, but as it’s one of my personal favourite programmes on CBBC, I can’t wait to find out!

Gareth David-Lloyd is currently filming in Scotland for the new series of Waterloo Road.  I wonder what his role will be?

This month also saw the birth of young Eli Lloyd, second child to Gemma and Gareth, and what an adorable bundle.  Congratulations again to you both.

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