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The Coffee Shop What does Torchwood mean to you?

What does Torchwood mean to you?

Torchwood means different things to different people but what does Torchwood mean to you?

John Bond-Winstone

Torchwood has opened the viewers to acceptance of different sexualities. Nothing has really done this on TV since Queer as Folk.... well that’s RTD for you.. Torchwood is about accepting these differences instead of fearing them.

That's what Torchwood means to me bar all the highly sexualised stuff lol

Echo Fain

Torchwood is, for me, the place where noir meets science fiction fantasy because the good guys don't always win. They lead less than perfect lives. They all annoyed me in small ways that was like the emotional equivalent of a wart on the face or a slightly off-center nose.

Rachel Trowbridge

Torchwood means a lot to me, especially since it was recently confirmed (by Gareth David-Lloyd) that Ianto was/is Autistic. There isn't that much autistic characters portrayed in such a positive light, so yeah..I'm glad as well.....I have Asperger's Syndrome (Which is on the Autism spectrum) and I personally think that his Autism was portrayed pretty realistically, especially when you compare it to how Autism/Asperger's Syndrome is usually portrayed in the media.

Ianto Tarrant

TORCHWOOD has given me great friends from all over the world, both online and people I actually spend my free time with...... I was watching it at one of the lowest points in my life and was greatly inspired by uniqueness of the show, it's quirky humour and wonderful characters.....I was able to work with GDL after too....big bonus because he says what he thinks with no bullshit attached......Ianto will always remain my fav followed by Owen and Tosh but all the characters were great.....just wish they would do something more even if it's audio books or hand it over to Big Finish, they do great stuff.....

I miss the old team..... MD wasn't really TW. aim sorry the Beeb and Starz have canned it. It reminds me of what they did to Blakes 7 back in the 80s. I suspect too many egos have been involved in the demise of TW, not least of which was RTDs attitude to his creation...I'd love to see it back but not in the MD format.... I loved the characters unfortunately my three favourites all died before MD so I did not have any incentive to watch, even though in the end I did....and I wish I hadn't....

Tamie Wiggins

I have characters like Captain Jack Harkness to thank for teaching me that not only is homosexuality a Real Thing (as opposed to the adorable little "crush" I thought I was seeing the first time I ever noticed boy/boy or girl/girl romance in some manga or other), but that it's a perfectly normal and perfectly acceptable way to be.
Or, taking people's perceptions into account, that it SHOULD BE perfectly acceptable.

If that isn't important, I don't know what is.

Harkness's "shag anything that's gorgeous enough" approach, on the other hand....
Well, I've said it before and I'll say it again--if I were a character on the show, I'd much rather treat him like a "big brother" than anything lover-ly.
But that's just me.  I can't see myself taking anything but a platonic interest in, well anyone, really. I wasn't interested as a teen, and I don't expect being in my thirties to magically change things.
(Heck, even when I did have a "boyfriend," I only called him that because of some misbegotten notion that I was "supposed to." I'm glad and more than glad to know that that notion was wrong.)

Geraint Owen Davies

I found my one true love because of Torchwood (even made it in the mag) xxxx in the night I shall carry on the fight.

Cynthia Dower

Torchwood is over and bring it back with the original cast is problematic if unlikely. I would rather live with the memories of the first few seasons that see it continue in the vein of Miracle Day. And as for John Barrowman blaming the BBC he seems to have forgotten that some of the rights are still with Starz/BBC America who also seems none too keen to revive it.

These are just a few of the many views expressed by the fans of Torchwood. If you wish to add to this, please comment below.  Everyone’s comments matter, whether it be to continue the fight or accept the BBC at their first words.  Whatever your view, come and express it here, on Twitter and/or Facebook, we’d love to know what Torchwood means to you!


  1. I have already expressed my love for Torchwood, all the series, on FB, but it obviously wasn't regarded here, so I won't repeat myself and write it all over again. I just want to say that all series are great, and those who are picking repeatedly on Miracle Day shouldn't forget, TW has changed in every season and there's no real or wrong TW. MD is a great stories, it has its flaws, but all other seasons have their flaws, too. I don't know why preferably MD-hating statements are chosen here, but I think, maybe I don't hate it bc i'm not British, so it moving more to the US didn't piss me off that much. It's not that there aren't things which annoy me in MD (Rex, the CIA shit), but there are things in all other series, too, which should be critically regarded. I don't like this "the first three series where perfect, and MD was shit" talk - it's just not true! In the end, the whole series with its unique main character and its unique approach as to scifi and its heroes was fantastic!

  2. Torchwood was many things for me that when added up together they became one of the most incredible and wonderful TV programs ever. What I loved best was it didn't take itself serious, you could had victims of a sex gas alien that "came and went" and you could have blowfish in sports car. It was Science Fiction fun that was also dark and edgy. Yet also true in the first two seasons it was also always hopeful - "Torchwood was ready" was a promise during the credits In season two there was also "you can shoot us/poison us but we keep coming back" Good stuff. The characters were flawed but lovable, my favorites being Tosh and Ianto. I kept coming back each week for them. As a plus both of these characters were more open about their non straight sexuality while not having to resort to standing on a soapbox to make a point about it. It is truly regrettable that end of season 2, Day 4 of season 3 and season 4 saw the show abandon its promise: Instead the characters became ill-prepared and easily discarded down epic sized plot holes...I miss the Torchwood that was ready