Sunday, 31 August 2014

News Doctor Who Add-On for Xbox 360 Out September

Doctor Who Minecraft comes to Xbox 360 this SEPTEMBER!!!

The best selling game by the Swedish developer Markus "Notch" Persson is now being invaded by Daleks. Yes, Minecraft is officially getting a Doctor Who themed add-on for Xbox 360 which will set you back $2.99 (£1.99). The add-on will drop this September and include skin packs for the current 12th Doctor and 5 others. Also will include the iconic Daleks!

You get to spawn many types of Daleks and Cybermen.  There’s even the Empty Child – gas mask zombies, Adipose, and Ice Warrior.  There are two sonic screwdrivers from 10th and 11th Doctor.  Jack’s Vortex Manipulator which transports you to another dimension, and will take you right back to where you were on the other.  You can even travel in Bessie and it does move you around the world you’re in despite the square wheels!!!  The TARDIS can be accessed by the key, it doesn’t move, but the interior is MASSIVE.

The Daleks that are spawned on the PC are pretty much just blocks but from the graphics viewed this morning from the latest Xbox designs, the Daleks are looking pretty robust and resemble the Paradigm Daleks from the 11th Doctor era.

At face value to any Whovian, this is one amazing add-on. However, if you have been playing Minecraft on PC for the last year, you may have noticed that this already exists in the form of a mod which is free! So it may seem a little stingy to be charging £1.99 for it.

However, this is a cool add on for those of you who do not own a gaming PC and prefer the living room friendly alternative.

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