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Connections iCarly - iWho? by DJ Forrest

Connections - Mentions

iCarly – iWho?
By DJ Forrest

iCarly is a 25 minute comedy show on Nickelodeon about a bunch of friends who set up an internet entertainment show.  It stars Miranda Cosgrove (Carly Shay), Jeannette McCurdy (Sam Puckett), Nathan Kress (Freddie Benson), and Jerry Trainor (Spencer Shay).

In the fifth season of iCarly, the episode ‘iPear Store, written by Dan Schneider and Jake Farrow and Directed by David Kendall, shows Carly and her friends at the Pear Store.  Freddie has a new job as a store assistant, while Gibby is buying a new phone cover, and Carly needs her laptop fixed.  The Pear Store is a computer product store similar to Apple.  In fact it’s Apple products they use, with a pear symbol as the logo instead of apple.

In this particular episode, Freddie looks over Carly’s laptop till she spies a good looking male assistant and heads on over - with her laptop. From the outset this guy is a geek, or a nerd, I can never tell the difference.  Carly makes polite conversation in a bid to ask him out, and this is the portion of the conversation that caused me to sit up and take more notice.

Carly: Soooo...
Trey: Yeah?
Carly: You doin' anything tomorrow night?
Trey: There's a Doctor Who marathon on TV.
Carly: Annnnd?
Trey: I'm gonna watch it.
Carly: I wouldn't mind watching some Doctor Foo.
Trey: Who.
Carly: Me!
Trey: No, I meant Doctor Who.
Carly: I don't know, you brought it up.
Trey: I'm so confused.

The sketch was a remake of an old Abbott and Costello routine from the 1930’s of ‘Who’s On First?’ which originally had Abbott and Costello explaining the game of baseball.
The episode ‘iPear Store’ was broadcast on May 12th, 2012, the year of the Eleventh Doctor Matt Smith. 



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