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Connections Doctor Who & Torchwood Connections by Mickie Newton

Doctor Who & Torchwood
By Mickie Newton

We have now entered into the final of our three Doctor Who sidesteps “The Last of the Time Lords” where we find our hero, Captain Jack Harkness, tied up on the Valiant (don’t think he’s enjoying it though), along with the good Doctor, who has been aged by the Master. Meanwhile Martha is traveling the earth sharing a secret on how to defeat the Master.

So what do we have for issue 17 of ‘Doctor Who and Torchwood Connections’? In this issue it’s all about the people rather than objects or places. Firstly we have a shared crew member, Mike Hopkins and then we have not one but two actors who have appeared in both shows. Toclafane voice Zoe Thorne and the boy who looked into the Untempered Schism and lost it, William Hughes.

And one final add on. I don’t normally do four, but whilst looking up something else, I made a discovery. So I’ll make an exception and we’ll also look at the connection between the Valiant and Torchwood!

Mike Hopkins - Film Editor    

Doctor Who

Mike has been the film editor for numerous episodes of Doctor Who, as well as for The Sarah Jane Adventures.

His other work for the series has also included 4 episodes of Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited which was a short TV Mini-Series documentary. These were made to help celebrate the 50th anniversary and were mostly shown in the US.

The Eleventh Doctor (2013)   - off-line editor
The Seventh Doctor (2013)    - off-line editor
The Sixth Doctor (2013)         - off-line editor
The Fourth Doctor (2013)       - off-line editor


Mike has done the film editing for four of the episodes of Torchwood. They are:
Meat (2008)
Sleeper (2008)

Zoe Thorne

Doctor Who

And as you can see by my previous note, she was one of three voice actors used for the Toclafane in the last two episodes of the season  29/3’s three part story, ‘The Sound of Drums’ and ‘the Last of the Time Lords.’ The other two voice actors were Gerard Logan and Johnnie Lyne-Pirkis.

She was also the voice of The Gelth in the season 27/1 episode ‘The Unquiet Dead’.


As I was watching the Doctor Who episode ‘The Sound of Drums’ the female voice of the Toclafane sounded familiar. So I had a look and I was right!

Zoe was the voice of the nasty fairies in the 2006 episode ‘Small Worlds’

William Hughes

Doctor Who

William is the young actor who played the equally young master of only 8 years of age. Though he said nothing he did a whole lot of stuff with his eyes, showing fear and the start of madness as the boy Master is forced to look into the Untempered Schism. Maybe he should have done what the Doctor did...Run away!


In season 02 of Torchwood (which we shall be making a start on in the next issue of Project: Torchwood), William played a boy in the episode ‘Sleeper.’ In the cast list his character is only referred to as ‘boy, but when you watch the episode his characters name is actually Alex Grainger. How odd that’s he’s not listed as that.

The Valiant

Doctor Who

A large Earth-bound aircraft carrier that was used by UNIT and appeared in season 29/3 in the episodes “The Sound of Drums” and “The Last of the Timelords.”

The Valiant was said to have been designed by Harold Saxon aka the Master who was then the minister of defence.


The interior of the Valiant was detailed and intricate. If when you watched the second season of Torchwood and looked at the boardroom walls thinking, ‘Haven’t I seen you somewhere before?’ Well you have as it’s the walls that were part of the interiors of the Valiant, which were reworked and used to create the new boardroom.



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Web Sites:

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Mike Hopkins

Zoe Thorne

William Hughes

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