Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Expo & Cons Stormtrooper 352 Meets Barrowman at Album Signing - Govan 3 July 2014

3 July 2014 ‘You Raise Me Up’
CD signing Asda Govan
by Stormtrooper 352

So today I met the fabulous John Barrowman one of the nicest men I had ever met in my life. I waited two and a half hours to meet him (not that long considering a man waited four and a half hours).  I couldn't see him when he came in but I could hear him. He came and saw us.

There was a little girl dressed as a character from Arrow with a photo album that John drew in for her and also signed her CD.  

After her I was next to go see him he waved me over and I handed him a drawing of himself and said, "Wow I love it I especially love the square jaw line.  I'll sign your album if you sign that drawing of yours!"

After that I got a picture with him and he said "I love your jumper Captain America I love him." All I could say was “Thank you me too.” 

After me a boy dressed as the Doctor went up with his mum and handed him a drawing, it was the outline of John's face with everything related to him drawn in the face it was absolutely amazing.  The little boy also got to do one of the poses David and John did for a poster.  After him another boy went up and said something and John said
    "I am Jack I'm just undercover as John but don't tell anyone and don't worry there are no Cybermen, Daleks or weevils." The little boy’s face just lit up.

Did I mention he spoke Scottish and he was sexy (who didn't know that?) I also never got to say anything I wanted to because of excitement. 

I hope one day to see him again.

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