Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Beyond The Hub 'You Raise Me Up' Album Launch by DJ Forrest

John Barrowman

You Raise Me Up Album launch

By DJ Forrest

During a particular convention last year, John had been asked if he was going to make another album.  When the fans were told that this was highly unlikely due to the cost, the fans offered to fund it. 

So last year, the wheels were set in motion and in collaboration with PledgeMusic, a ‘Direct-to-Fan music platform’, the new album project began. 

PledgeMusic is different to crowd funding in general, as it is solely based on raising funds for the musician.  PledgeMusic launched in 2009. It enables the artist to reach out to its fanbase, or Pledgers as they’re known as, in order to help raise the funds.

There were plenty of incentives to tempt the fans, such as;

Signed CD’s of the album,
Signed photos of John,
Plus photos of the studio shoot,
Champagne lunches,
Visits to studios,
Personal messages,
Personal photos with John that wouldn’t appear on the album,
Signed sheet music from songs sung during the sessions,
Right down to his Lucky Jeans that he offered for £207.

All incentives and exclusive content were SOLD.

Barrowman fans are no different to the any other fans of actors and singers alike.  Yet not all celebrities will welcome the fans into their lives the way John Barrowman does.  With Live Tweets and interaction with the fans, Barrowman literally gives as good as he gets. 
And it has to be said, that he earns the respect of his fans and those around him tenfold. 

On the 30th June this year, ‘You Raise Me Up’ was launched.  Fans were able to buy it online as well as in high street shops varying in price from £5.99 upwards.

The album itself has old and familiar songs that everyone will know, from the grannies to the youngsters.  Many of the songs evoke a memory, they certainly did for Barrowman who posted links for the fans to learn a little more about the reason for that particular song being added to the album. When I’ve personally listened to many of the songs, I’ve felt inspired to write, after an image awakens in my mind, especially during the song ‘A Thousand Years.’ 


1. A Thousand Years

2. Listen to the Music

3. You Raise Me Up

4. Skyscraper

5. Mandy

6. That’s the Way It Is

7. Bridge Over Troubled Water

8. Goodbye My Friend

9. This is the Moment

10. Hollywood

11. Loch Lomond

Last week ‘You Raise Me Up’ was Number 3 in the Indie album charts, this was awesome news.  In the UK album charts ‘You Raise Me Up’ was outside the Top 20.  This week as of 27th July his Indie climb dropped by four places but still keeps him in the Top 10. 

The UK Album Charts is a hard task master and given that the album really hasn’t had much air time, I’m wondering if this is a reason for the drop in the charts.

The music industry is indeed a hard one to crack and it would be fantastic to see John’s album reach the Number One spot on Indie or even the UK Album Charts.

So in the words of the song – Listen to the Music – and Buy the Album!

Music always helps to stimulate the mind, if you’ve already bought the album, what memories do those songs evoke for you? Let us know and they could feature in the next Issue.


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  1. I love this album so much. It's a great mixture of songs for every mood. It really inspires me and brightens my mood. I have things in my head listening to every song, thoughts, memories, ideas. It's great. And John's voice is so fantastic.