Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Coffee Shop Caption Comp Utopia

Caption Comps Issue 15

Scared Jack

Christine Hannah Liddle – No don’t restore the last session on my internet.....NOOOOOO

Kirsty Price – Trying to hide from all the horny men when an alien artefact goes wrong.  Teach Jack to play with a love spell contained inside again.

Claudia Lindner Jack: "What? A Rhys & Gwen 'adult' home video? Oh, no, please no...nooooooooo!"

Tamie Wiggins – Don’t eat me, I don’t want to go out the other end again.  Oh god, I died of embarrassment three times the last time

Fiona Tuckfield – That’s what I look like in the mirror

 Pauline Howard – No please don’t eat me

Hungry Futurekind

~Jack~  Here’s Johnny

Christine Hannah Liddle – Aw it’s so cute, I just wanna cuddle him

Claudia Lindner Future creature: Piercings and tattoos are 20% off this week!

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