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News Happy Birthday Mark Morris & Susan Bomkamp

Happy Birthday Mark Morris & Susan Bomkamp

Candace Brown and Simon Callow also celebrate today!

On this day 15th June, there are absolutely no original broadcasted episodes of Doctor Who or Torchwood.  Believe me I’ve searched! So in the words of 10th Doctor – “I am so sorry!”

However, celebrating your birthday with three people from the world of Who and Torchwood is in itself something to be proud of. 

Mark Morris is a writer of horror, including several Doctor Who novels & one of my favourite, if not scariest Torchwood novel – Bay of the Dead.  When you pick up a Mark Morris novel, it’s very difficult to put it down.  Check out our interview with Mark last year.

Candace Brown starred as Sarah Drummond, Esther’s sister in Miracle Day.  However Candace is no stranger to television.  She is best known for her roles in Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives (Mrs Chapman), the Wizards of Waverly Place as well as The Mindy Project as Lauren Ordenstein.

Simon Callow is no stranger to the world of Who, having provided the voice of Tree Blathereen in The Sarah Jane Adventures, Simon is probably better known for his role in Doctor Who as Charles Dickens, in the 9th Doctor episode: The Unquiet Dead and again in 2011 in ‘The Wedding of River Song’ with the 11th Doctor.
Those of us who remember and love all things Richard Curtis however, will remember Simon’s portrayal of Gareth in the 1994 film ‘Four Weddings and a Funeral’ still one of my favourite films, if only for the eulogy read by John Hannah.

Others celebrating their birthday today are: Ice Cube, Noddy Holder, Brian Jacques (author), Anna Hazare and Gary Lightbody to name a few.

Have a fantastic day guys, you deserve it!

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