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Locations Captain Jack Harkness & End of Days Episodes 12 & 13

Captain Jack Harkness & End of Days

Season 1 Episode 12 & 13
By John Bond (a.k.a The Doctor)

Hi Everyone, I am so sorry that I had to miss writing my article for the last edition.  This is because I was busy planning my nuptials and doing my course work... had to be a good little boy.  So as we know these are the last two episodes of season 1.  This is a 2 parter so I got out of Jack's wrath as I can put the two articles together.

So here we go with the locations!!!

Episode 12 – Captain Jack Harkness

Old Town Hall, High Street, Merthyr Tydfil

This location is used for the Ritz in Episode 12.  This building is closed to the general public and this area of the town centre is going under regeneration work but built in 1896, the Old Town Hall was designed to house the town’s civic functions and law courts, and was once a focal point for political life in Merthyr Tydfil. When the council relocated to Merthyr’s civic centre in the late 1980’s, the Town Hall was used as a nightclub until 2002 and one can still see the club’s garish redecoration in places.

For the external shot they use the entrance on New Castle Street.

How to get to Old Town Hall

Catch the X4 bus from Cardiff Central Station Stand C1 – Leaves every 15 mins
Get off at Merthyr Tydfil Central Bus Station
Exit the Bus Station onto Castle Street and turn right
Walk up Castle Street with the Old Town Hall dead ahead of you.
You have reached your destination

The Interior shots of the Ballroom were not filmed in Merthyr Tydfil but in the Westgate Hotel in Newport (Thanks to Torchwood Locations Website for this information).  The Hotel is not actually closed down but I will give you the details on how to get there... but u won't be able to get inside.

How to get to the Westgate Hotel, NP20 1JL

Catch the number 30 bus from Cardiff Central Station to Newport Bus Station
Head out of the bus station onto Corn Street and turn left
Walk along Skinner Street until you reach Stow Hill
Take your first right onto Commercial Street and walk along until you see a Starbucks
This is where the location is.

Episode 13 – End of Days

For this episode, 4 locations were mainly used for the shots outside in public view.
Principality Building, Queen Street, Cardiff

This location is used for when Abaddon strides over the city and growls at the shoppers below.  This location was previously used in Episode 7. Look at my episode guide on how to get to this location... Sorry Jack if you needed to link this...

Castle Arcade, Cardiff

This arcade in Cardiff was used when Jack and Gwen were walking through an arcade.  Head towards the High Street Arcade  on St Mary Street that was used in Episode 2, directly opposite the entrance is the Castle Arcade. (Being Lazy again here Jack).

Havelock Street, Cardiff

This location is where the team meet Bilis in an alley where Gwen and Ianto is carrying Jack.  Also used for the scene where Abaddon screams too.  The original buildings are not there now as they have been knocked down for a redevelopment of the Media Wales Building.

How to get to Havelock Street

Outside Cardiff Bus Station you will see the Old Cardiff Bus shop.  Walk across to the shop and up the street.  Take your first left and you are on Havelock Street.

Porth Tegir Way, Cardiff Bay

At the time of filming, this was the location of the wasteland where energy is shot out of Jack towards Abaddon with Gwen in the background looking on.  This wasteland now houses the Doctor Who Experience and the new BBC Cymru Filming Village where Doctor Who is currently filmed.

How to get there:

Catch the Number 6 Bendy Bus from St Mary Street

Get off at Porth Tegir Way.

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