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Articles Doctor Who: Utopia Episode Breakdown

Doctor Who: Utopia

Writer Russell T Davies
Director Graeme Harper
Broadcast 16th June 2007
Music by Murray Gold

The Tardis materialises beside the water tower in Cardiff.  The Doctor paces around the console inside checking equipment.  He tells Martha Jones his companion about the Rift in time and space, explains that it’s similar to California and the San Andreas fault “but the rift bleeds energy and every now and then I need to open up the engines and soak up the energy, and use it as fuel.”
   “So it’s a pit stop?”  She says laughing.
   “Exactly – it’ll only take 20 seconds.  The rift’s been active.”  He notices.

Jack tears across the quay, rucksack over shoulders, coat tails flapping.  Martha enquires as to whether the earthquake a few years back had anything to do with the Doctor.  He tells her they’d had a problem with the Slitheen. 

Jack pounds harder, lungs on fire as he runs up the basin in the sweltering heat towards the TARDIS, as the Doctor is realises how long ago that moment really was - a life time ago!
Jack yells “DOCTORRRRR!!!”  as he nears the blue box.  The TARDIS is powered up and ready for take off.  A quick glance at the outside through the monitors is enough reason for the Doctor to leave, as he spots Jack haring towards them.  Jack throws himself at the ship.  A few small explosions erupt from the console as the ship tries to shake Jack off.  It also throws the Doctor and Martha off their feet.  Scrabbling to his feet the Doctor is horrified at the readings on the screen.
   “We’re accelerating into the future.....5 billion, 5 trillion, 50 trillion, what?  The year one hundred trillion, that’s impossible.”
   “What happens then?”  Asks Martha.
   “We’re going to the end of the universe.”
Jack yells out the Doctor’s name as the blue box hurtles through the Vortex.

On the edge of the Coral City, in the ruins, the chieftain of a nomadic tribe raises his head inhaling deeply.  The tribe gather around the camp fire.  A familiar scent hangs in the air.  Each member of the tribe can smell it.
   “Humans.   Humans are coming!”

A lone figure cuts a dash across the dark waste ground, scared and dirty.  He stumbles blindly; aware it’s dangerous country at night and is surprised by a female tribeswoman.  He begs for his life but as she calls her fellow tribe’s people, the scared human escapes putting a distance between him and the woman.  The chieftain back at the camp gears his tribe for the hunt.

In a silo deep underground a radar signal flashes a cluster of green blips on the circular screen.  A silver haired old man looks wearily towards it.
   There’s movement on the surface, another human hunt.  God help him.”
His insect like scientific assistant asks if she should alert the guards but the old man fears they can’t spare any. 
   “One more lost soul dreaming of Utopia.”  He sighs. 
His assistant hates seeing the professor like this and fears he may be giving up.  He assures her he is fine although he does hope that the coffee tastes less sour on Utopia. When asking if she’d like to share a coffee with him, she tells him politely that she will drink her internal milk. 
Lieutenant Atillo calls over the tannoy at the progress the Professor is making with the footprint, unable to give him a viable answer, he instructs Chantho his Malmooth assistant, to explain in more technical details while he takes a moment to himself, feeling a massive pounding headache coming on.
The surface scanner has detected something else, on the radar, something new!

The TARDIS has arrived.  The Doctor is unsure as just what may lie outside the door.  He is certain that even his own people never ventured this far out.  He suggests that they leave but it’s all too obvious as the grin etches across his face that while they’re here, they ought to explore.  Grabbing his great coat slung over a coral strut he opens the door and steps out into the black wilderness.  He shrugs on his coat as Martha notices a body of a man in military attire, lying completely still on the ground, a few feet from the TARDIS.  The Doctor instantly recognises him.  It is Jack.  Considering the lengths to which Jack has travelled and ‘so like him’ to travel on the outside of the ship, to throw them completely off course, he shows  little sympathy for the ‘dead man’.  But Martha’s training takes over and she has to see if there is any hope for him.  Accepting that Jack is dead, she screams suddenly as Jack gulps in air deeply and grips her arm to steady himself.  Almost instantly he’s composed and introducing himself.  The Doctor is not impressed!

Jack scrambles to his feet and acknowledges the Doctor, who in turn acknowledges him.  Jack enquires after Rose and is relieved to hear that she isn’t dead, but living on a parallel universe with her mother, father and Mickey Smith.  Martha has already heard enough about Rose to form her own opinion. 

The lone human runs away at speed from the ravenous crowd gaining pace behind him. 

   “So there I was, stranded in the year 200, 100, ankle deep in Dalek dust and he goes without me.  But I had this.”  Jack pats the leather strap on his wrist.  “I used to be a time agent.  It’s called a vortex manipulator.  He’s not the only one who can time travel.”
   “Oh excuse me.”  Replies the Doctor defensively.  “That is not time travel.  It’s like, I’ve got a sports car and you’ve got a space hopper.”
   “Alright, so I bounced.”  Replies Jack as Martha notes an air of bitterness between the two men.  “I thought, 21st century, best place to find the Doctor, but I got it a little wrong.  Arrived in 1869, this thing burnt out so it was useless.”
   “Told you.”
   “I had to live the entire 20th century just to wait for a version of you that would coincide with me.” 
   “But that makes you nearly 100 years old.”  Martha says shocked.
   “And looking good don’t you think?”  Jack laughs cheekily.  “So I went to the time rift, based myself there coz I knew you’d come back to refuel, until finally I get a signal on this.”  He jerks his thumb back at the rucksack.  “...and here we are.”

Martha was still unsure as to why the Doctor had left Jack behind in the first place.  The Doctor told her he was busy.  Not convinced and a little hurt that one day he could grow tired of her too and leave her behind on a distant planet, she feels a little jealous that, had she have been blonde, according to Jack, she’d have probably not have been abandoned at all. 
The Doctor turns suddenly to face the pair, annoyed at them both.  “You two, we’re here at the end of the universe, right at the end of knowledge itself and you’re busy...blogging!”
Standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ground a distance below them, the Doctor and companions could see the ruins of a large city, or hive, or nest, or conglomeration.
   “Wonder what killed it?” Martha asks, staring at the levels that could be roads or passing places.
   “Time.  All the great civilisations have gone.”  The Doctor replies.  “This isn’t just night.  All the stars have burnt out.  All faded away into nothing.”
   “They must have an atmospheric shell.”  Jack decides, given that nobody was freezing. 
   “Well Martha and I maybe.  Not sure about you Jack.”  The Doctor shoots Jack a look and it is clear to him that the Doctor really didn’t like having him around. 
   “What about the people, does no-one survive?”  Martha asks.
   “I suppose, we have to hope, life will find a way.”
Jack points at the lone human running for his life.  “Well he’s not doing too bad.”
The trio watch till the Doctor can’t stand it a moment longer, especially when it looks too much like a hunt.  They power down the hill, Jack exclaiming that this was one of the things he missed about travelling with the Doctor.  Jack catches the exhausted human as the tribe near them.  The Doctor stops Jack from shooting at the advancing nomadic tribe, so he fires into the air.  The Doctor convinces the human that they’ll be safe, that his ship is just over the ridge, only as he glances towards the hill, it’s over run by the same mad snarling crowd.
   “We’re close to the Silo.  If we get to the Silo then we’re safe.”  The human tells them.  The trio decide that that’s a safer option and run for their lives towards the metal gates where men with guns patrol inside.  They call for the gates to be opened, but there is a protocol, the Teeth Identification.  Once they pass that, they’re let in, just as the savage crowd arrive, desperate to enter, hungry, so desperately hungry. 
Jack notes that the Doctor isn’t stopping the guards from firing at the feet of the tribes people.
   “He’s not my responsibility.”  Defends the Doctor.
   “And I am?”  Jack scoffs.  “That makes a change.”

The human, Padra Toc Shafe Cane is relieved when the guard confirms that he can get him to Utopia.  They all enter the silo.

Lieutenant Atillo informs the professor that more humans are inside and one is calling himself a Doctor.  When the professor enquires after which sort of doctor, the Lieutenant tells him he’s a doctor of everything.  Excited by this news, the professor heads off to meet him. 
Padra asks Lieutenant Atillo about his family, if they made it to the Silo, the Lieutenant calls a young fair haired boy who looks no older than 8 or 9 years to assist.  Poking his head around the corner, Creet is ready to help.  Martha is intrigued and asks after the age of the boy.
   “Old enough to work.”  He replies leading Padra along the clogged corridors littered with men, women and children all hoping to reach Utopia.  Jack comments on the smell from the unclean people but the Doctor smiles, that even at the edge of the Universe, the human race survives. 

Near the edge of the corridor Padra is reunited with his family, Martha smiles.  A happy ending!  Jack spots a good looking traveller and introduces himself, while the Doctor sees this as another embarrassment and calls him over, to assist with the door.  The door slides open after Jack punches in a set of codes, the Doctor expecting to find another room is grabbed by Jack as he almost loses his footing.  There is no flooring, this is merely a look out to a massive rocket housed within the Silo, so large it seems impossible that it will fly, and the heat is intense.  The Doctor and Jack reseal the door, just as the Professor strides excitedly towards them.  At first the old man is confused as to who is the Doctor, but after the introductions are out of the way, he takes the Doctor’s hand and leads him back towards the laboratory, with so much to tell him and so many hopes. 

Watching them leave, a wiry woman with pointed teeth snarls.

Entering the laboratory, Chantho welcomes the newcomers.  Jack introduces himself and again the Doctor dislikes it. 
   “Can’t I say hello to anyone?” 
Chantho doesn’t mind it at all.
The professor leads the Doctor around the work they have been busy with explaining the gravitational accelerator in great length but the Doctor has no idea of any of it.  He apologises, lowering the old man’s hopes.
The contents in the rucksack bubble as Jack passes Martha on his way to put down the heavy load on the ground in the snug.  As he goes over to listen to the Doctor and help where needed, Martha lifts the large container from the bag.
   “Oh my’ve got a hand...a hand in a jar...a hand in your jar in your bag.”
   “But that...that’s my hand.”  Exclaims the Doctor spotting it for the first time. 
   “I said I had a Doctor detector.”  Laughs Jack.
   “What do you mean that’s your hand.  I can see them.”  Martha asks confused.
   “Long story.  I lost my hand Christmas Day, in a sword fight.”  The Doctor tells her, remembering that moment when the Sycorax lopped off his hand during the first stages of his regeneration. 
   “What? And you grew another hand?”  She scoffs.  The Doctor nods and waves his hand at her.

Curious the Professor asks what species the Doctor is, but unlike other species, doesn’t flinch nor cower at the name of the Time Lords.  The Doctor finds it a bit humbling at the end of the universe.
The Professor informs the newcomers that Chantho is the last of her race too.  The last survivor of the Malmooth.  He tells the Doctor that she came from the city outside, the conglomeration. 
Jack enquires after the ‘beastie boys’ outside of the Silo.  The Professor tells him that they’re called the Futurekind, which is a bit of a myth really, and many of the humans in the Silo fear that that is what they will become if they never leave for Utopia.

It has baffled the Doctor that even at the end of the Universe; people are still searching for Utopia.  The Professor leads him to the computer screen showing a red flashing blip.
   “The call came from across the stars, over and over again.  Come to Utopia.  It originated from that point.  It’s far beyond the depths of the wilderness out towards the wild lands and the dark matted reefs, calling us in.  The last of the humans scattered across the night.  A colony, a city, some sort of haven.  The Science Foundation formed the Utopia Project.  It was founded thousands of years ago to preserve mankind, to find a way of surviving beyond the collapse of reality itself.  Perhaps they found it, perhaps not, but it’s worth a look don’t you think?” 
The Doctor smiles, despite his age, the old man has impressed the Time Lord with his sense of adventure.

The Professor looks away as his headache begins to intensify and oblivious to the chattering of the Doctor to Chantho and his friends, he bugs out hearing only the drum beat in his head.  When the Doctor looks back, speaking with the old man, he grows concerned when the old man doesn’t answer.  Snapped from the headache, the old man appears different in temperament and becomes quite agitated. 
   “That rocket’s not going to fly is it?”  The Doctor tells the him.  “This footprint mechanism thing is not working.  You’re stuck on this planet and you haven’t told them have you?  That lot out there, they still think they’re going to fly.”
The Professor sits down heavily.  “Well it’s better to let them live in hope.”  He says wearily.
   “Quite right.”  Replies the Doctor.  “And I must say Professor...Yana (is told his name) this science is a bit beyond me but a boost reversal circuit in any mainframe must be a circuit which reverses the boost, so I wonder what will happen if I did this?” With a blast of the sonic screwdriver the Doctor is able to trigger life into the Professor’s system.  It’s all systems GO!
   “But how did you do that?” exclaims the old man amazed.
   “Oh while we’ve been chatting away I forgot to tell you – I’m brilliant!” Beams the Time Lord.

The passengers begin to board the rocket ship. Those in the lab begin flicking switches, turning dials and levers and setting the data disks into various slots.  The last water collection lorry thunders towards the Silo gates, carrying on board the precious cargo belonging to the Doctor.  The Futurekind look on waiting and watching!

Padra Toc Shafe Cane climbs aboard the ship with his mother and brother, glad to be leaving the planet.  Martha catches up with Creet as he boards.  She wishes him a safe trip, although is saddened to learn he has no family, but laughs heartily as Creet tells her that his mum had always said that the “skies were made of diamonds” in Utopia.  As Martha and Chantho continue on their journey along the corridors back to the lab with data disks, the wiry woman seen earlier watches them go.

In the lab the Doctor discovers as he begins feeding plugs into the Perspex mainframe that the cables are made from “food and string and staples.”  The Doctor also learns that the Professor won’t be leaving on the rocket to Utopia.  The footprint device means that someone on the ground would still need to operate it; it isn’t possible to do it while onboard.  Yana explains that Chantho would also be staying, she won’t leave him.  He finds that honourable.  Yana feels he is too old for Utopia and says it is about time he had some sleep. 
The Lieutenant’s voice comes over the tannoy; the blue box has been collected.  When Jack calls the Doctor over to the monitor, the flickering screen shows his ship staring back at him.  Even Martha is pleased to see it as she enters.
The professor stares at the blue box as a trickle of familiarity washes over him.  He knows of this form of transport, but is still unsure where from.  The Doctor offers Chantho and Yana a lifeline; they could get to Utopia yet. 

Climbing out from the bowels of the TARDIS the Doctor drags through the doors a cable and attaches it to the mains.  It would give them a power boost.  It was cheating but he didn’t care.
Whilst Chantho inserted the data disks into the slots, Martha asks her about the Professor, and discovers that just like the Doctor, even he didn’t notice what was right there in front of him.  Martha also enquires about Chantho’s speech, why each sentence has to start with Chan and end in Tho.  After being told that it was rude not to use her name before and after a sentence, Martha begs Chantho to do it just once, and just this once, Chantho obliges, and giggles like a naughty school girl.

On command from the Professor, Lieutenant Atillo sends in Jake, the young man who would be connecting the couplings in the Stet Radiation chamber, situated beneath the rocket thrusters.  Jack is instructed to keep the dials below the red, any higher and the young man in the protective suit would evaporate.

The wiry Futurekind woman locates and sabotages the fuse box and the stet radiation dials for the chamber throwing absolute chaos across the Silo.  The laboratory is plunged into semi darkness and the radiation in the chamber begins to soar. 

Jack panics and grabs the electricity cables from two points, and slams them together, feeling that this is the best chance of jump starting the over ride, but he’s killed in the process.
With limited power, the boost is now only coming from the TARDIS.  Chantho moves the live cables from Jack as Martha goes to Jack’s aide.  The stet chamber is flooded with radiation, still with 4 couplings to engage, Jake evaporates inside his suit.

   “Without the couplings connected the engines will never start.  This was all for nothing.”  The Professor scowls, bitterly disappointed.
   “Well I don’t know.”  The Doctor pulls Martha away from Jack despite her protestations.  “It strikes me Professor that you’ve got a room which no man can enter without dying, is that correct?”
   “Well....”  Jack gasps back to life.  “I think I’ve got just the man.”  The Doctor stares back at Jack.
   “Was someone kissing me?”

Jack and the Doctor race down towards the Stet Chamber.  Jack removes his coat and shirt, pulling his braces back over his t-shirt, whilst the Doctor tells Atillo to board the rocket.  He glances over at Jack aware that Stet radiation doesn’t burn clothing, only flesh.
   “Well, I look good though.”  As Jack reaches the door ready to go in he looks back at the Doctor.  “How long have you known.”
   “Ever since I ran away from you!  Good luck!” The Doctor replies.

Jack enters the chamber and instantly burns his skin as it touches the wall beside the door.  He makes his way towards the row of couplings ready to begin.

Martha smiles pleased to hear Jack’s voice as he talks to the Doctor.  Yana is amazed that Jack didn’t evaporate and asks of his species.  Martha isn’t sure, she tells him that the Doctor travels through time and space in the TARDIS picking up people as he goes, which makes her sound like a stray.  Again the Professor is shaken by Martha’s words of time travel and the TARDIS behind him. 

The Doctor watches Jack work through the glass partition in the door and the two men finally talk. 
   “When did you realise?”  The Doctor asks Jack.
   “Earth 1892, got in a fight on Ellis Island, man shot me through the heart.  Then I woke up, thought that was kinda strange, but then it never stopped.”  Jack said opening up a coupling lid.  “Fell off a cliff, trampled by horses, World War I, World War II, poison, starvation, stray javelin.”
The Doctor winces.
   “In the end I got the message.  I’m the man who can never die.”  Jack connects the coupling and moves onto the next one.  “And all that time you knew.”
   “That’s why I left you behind.  It’s not easy, just looking at you Jack, coz you’re wrong.”
   “You are, I can’t help it.  I’m a Time Lord, its instinct, it’s in my guts.  You’re a fixed point in time and space.  You’re a fact.  That’s never meant to happen.  Even the TARDIS reacted against you, tried to shake you off, flew all the way to the end of the Universe to get rid of you.”
   “So what you’re saying is you are....”  Connects the next coupling.  “....prejudiced?”
   “I never thought of it like that.”
Jack laughs.  “Shame on you.  The last thing I remember back when I was mortal, I was facing three Daleks, death by extermination, then I came back to life.”

Professor Yana grew tearful as he listens to the communications between the two men over the monitor.
   “What happened?”  Jack asks.
   “I thought you sent her back home?”
   “She came back, opened the heart of the TARDIS and absorbed the time vortex itself.”
   “What does that mean exactly?” Jack asks struggling with the couplings.
   “No-one’s ever meant to have that power.  If a Time Lord had that they’d be a god, a vengeful god.  But she was human.”

Rose appeared like a memory to the Doctor, bathed in the time vortex bleeding out from the TARDIS door, her face stained by tears, her eyes bright like the sun.  “I bring life!”  Jack is brought back to life in the corridor of the Satellite station.

   “Everything she did was so human.  She brought you back to life but she couldn’t control it.  She brought you back forever.  That’s something I suppose.  The final act of the Time War was life.”
   “So you think she could change me back?”  Jack asks.
   “I took the power from her.  She’s gone Jack.  She is not just living in a parallel world, she’s trapped there.  The walls have closed.”
   “I’m sorry.”
   “Yeah.”  The Doctor still feels emotional even now.
   “I went back to her estate in the 90’s.  Just once or twice, watched her growing up.  Never said hello, time lines and all that.”  He struggles with a coupling.
   “Do you want to die?”
   “This one’s a little stuck.”
   “I thought I did.  I don’t know, but this lot, you see them out here, surviving and that’s fantastic.”
   “You might be out there somewhere.”  The Doctor suggests.
   “I could go meet myself.”
   “Well be the only man you’ll ever be happy with.”
   “This new kinda cheeky!” 

The professor is distraught, tears mark his face.  Both Martha and Chantho stop what they’re doing and come over to him, concerned.
   “This time travel, they say there was time travel back in the old days. I never believed.  What would I know, stupid old man.”  He says feeling sorry for himself.  Martha smiles sympathetically.  “Never could keep time, always late, always lost.”  He pulls out the old fob watch attached to a chain in his waistcoat, Martha stares at it, horrified, reminded of the watch the Doctor showed her in the TARDIS, and how it could rewrite his DNA making him human.  “Even this thing never worked.  Time and time and time again, always running out on me.”
   “Can I have a look at that?”  Martha asks.
   “It’s only an old relic.”  Yana laughs.  “Like me.”
   “Where did you get it?”
   “I was found with it.”
   “What do you mean?”
   “An orphan in the storm.  I was a naked child found on the coast of the Silver Devastation, abandoned with this!”  He holds out the watch to Martha.
   “Have you ever opened it?”
   “Why would I, it’s broken.”
   “How do you know it’s broken if you’ve never opened it?”
   “It’s stuck.  It’s old.  It’s not meant to be.  I don’t know.”
Martha takes hold of the watch and turns it over.  Startled by the exact markings as that belonging to the Doctor, she falters.
   “Does it matter?”  The professor is curious of the interest in his broken watch.
   “No!  It’s nothing, it’s...listen, everything is fine up here, I’ll go and see if the Doctor needs me.”  Martha replies stepping away and hurrying from the room.

The final coupling connects and Jack hurriedly exits the chamber.  He and the Doctor flick switches and key in data on the large control unit against the wall.  The Doctor contacts Atillo and informs him to start the countdown for two minutes. Jack pulls on his shirt and continues with the data input.

Martha meets them and as the Doctor tells her about the gravitational footprint, and what it actually does, she tells him about the fob watch belonging to the Professor.  He finds it too good to be true and dismisses it.  But when Martha describes it in more detail and how Yana couldn’t really see it, because of the perception filter, Jack suggests that perhaps the Doctor isn’t the last of his kind. 
But the Doctor was sceptical however, if there is another Time Lord and it is Yana, just which Time Lord is he. 
   “What about now, can he see it now?”  The Doctor asks Martha.

Yana hears voices emanating from the fob watch.  Old voices from the old days.    “The drums, the drums, the never ending drum beat.  Open me you human form, open the light, summon me and receive my majesty!  Destroy him and you will give your power to me!” 
Yana sees past the perception filter, begins to see himself as more than the Professor.

The rocket counts down from 10.  Martha tells the Doctor to recall what the Face of Boe had told them – his dying words.  The Doctor remembers as the light from the chamber brightens from the rocket thrusters firing up just as the letters on the screen flash up individually spelling out the name of YANA.


The rocket rises up towards the heavens watched outside of the Silo by the Futurekind seeing their meals disappearing from their grasp.  As Chantho calls upon the professor inside the laboratory, he turns around to face her, his eyes dark and menacing.

Atillo makes contact with the Doctor. “We’ll see you in Utopia!”  He announces.

The Doctor, Jack and Martha head back towards the laboratory and the TARDIS only to find the way blocked.  The Professor has locked their access points.  Chantho cannot understand why he would do this and is far more horrified when she sees him shutting down the entire system.
   “Don’t worry my dear, where one door closes another must open.”  He replies, his voice clear and without hesitation.

The silo lowers its shield allowing the Futurekind to gain access.  Chantho cannot allow the Professor to ruin all their hard work and produces a gun.  Yana sees this as a threat and uses it to his advantage, drawing up the loose ‘live’ cable and edges closer and closer towards Chantho, aware that her love for the old man would prevent her from killing him.  However, he has no qualms about killing her.
   “Now I can say I was provoked!” 

As the Doctor and companions race down the corridor they’re met by the hungry mob and back track the way they came. 

Yana berates Chantho about the watch denying him access to who he really is, he edges ever closer to her with the highly charged electric cable.
   “The Professor was an invention.  So perfect a disguise I forgot who I am.”
   “Chan then who are you tho?”
   “I am...The Master.”  He lunges the cable at Chantho.

The Futurekind chase after the Doctor and company as they duck down a side corridor but still find the way blocked.

The Master smiles as he places his hand beside the bubbling ‘hand in the jar’ now inside the TARDIS.

Using the sonic and a series of code breaking, the door still doesn’t open.  The Doctor yells to the Professor to open the door. 

Chantho with just enough energy to fire her pistol shoots the Master - a fatal blow!

Jack smashes the code logger with the butt of his pistol, causing the box to explode but allowing the door to open.  As the Doctor steps towards the Professor now known as the Master, the older man steps inside the TARDIS and shuts the door, locking the Yale and deadlocking it from the console.  The Doctor can only bang on the door demanding access. 

   “Let me in.  LET ME IN.”  The Doctor yells.
   “She’s dead.”  Martha confirms of Chantho.
   “I broke the lock, give me a hand.”  Jack calls to Martha as he pushes at the heavy steel door to close it. 
   “I’m begging you, everything’s changed.  There’s only the two of us, we’re the only ones left.  Just let me in.”  Begs the Doctor.
   “Killed by an insect.  A girl.  How inappropriate.”  Grumbles the Master.  “Still if the Doctor can be young and strong then so can I....the Master...reborn!” 
With a jerk back of the head, the Master regenerates into a younger form with a loud scream. 

The Futurekind advance on the door where Jack uses all he has in brute strength to prevent them from entering the room. 

The Master awakens a new man with a new voice and is highly ecstatic at his newer self.  He presses the tannoy system on the console and speaks to the Doctor outside of the TARDIS.
   “Now then, Doctor...ooh new voice.  Hello (deep voice) Hello (higher voice) – anyway, why don’t we stop and have a nice chat while I tell you all my plans and you think of a way to stop me – I don’t think.”
   “Oh I know that voice.”  Exclaims Martha.
   “End of the Universe.  Have Fun.  Bye Bye!”

The Master abandons the Doctor and his companions, leaving with the TARDIS for places anew.  Jack screams at the Doctor to help them, as the Futurekind grow ever stronger but all the Doctor can do is stand and watch the TARDIS disappear in front of him. 

End of Part One

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