Thursday, 29 May 2014

The Coffee Shop Caption Comp - End of Days

Caption Comps - End of Days

Exuberant Roman Soldier in Cells – What did he really say?

~Jack~ "A Big Mac with fries, a large coke and an apple turnover."

Claudia Lindner "Nothing to read? Shouldn't you at least have "De Bello Gallico?"

Karen Lannigan Sorry make that a diet coke.

Carol-Anne Hillman What will you send in next? The lions?

Abadon peers over the buildings

~Jack~ “Found you, now it’s my turn to hide.”

Jess Griffin early morning wake up call? no i didn't ask for an early morning wake up call!

Gary Gillespie Is there no Large toilets around here?

Carl Jones: where are the loom bands sold around here

Claudia Lindner "This is boring! Show me some bigger houses for me to step on!"

Diane Turner "Got my new cosplay together but then I couldn't afford CMMK grrrrr!"

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