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News Happy Birthday Terrance Dicks

Happy Birthday Terrance Dicks

Terrance is a writer and former script editor, best known for his association with Doctor Who and as the author of popular children’s books during the 70’s and 80’s.

Did you know Terrance, on this day in 1969, Episode 4 of The War Games was broadcast.  It was Season 6 and Patrick Troughton was the Doctor with Frazer Hines and Wendy Padbury as his companions.
This story also featured David Troughton as Moor, Philip Madoc as War Lord, Peter Craze as Du Pont, John Levene played the Yeti and Tony Harwood the Ice Warrior.
Writer was Malcolm Hulke and Director David Maloney.

A renegade of the Doctor’s own race have trapped the TARDIS crew in a variety of dangerous Earth war zones*

In 1975 Episode 4 of Revenge of the Cybermen was broadcast.  It was Season 12 and starred Tom Baker as the Doctor with Elisabeth Sladen and Ian Marter as his companions.
Writer was Robert Holmes (from an idea by Gerry Davies) and Director was Michael Briant.

Returning to Nerva in the past, the Doctor discovers Cybermats have poisoned the crew*

In 2008 The Doctor’s Daughter was broadcast, it was the 193rd story of Who and starred David Tennant as the Doctor with Freema Agyeman and Catherine Tate as his companions.  Georgia Moffett also appeared as Jenny.
Writer was Stephen Greenhorn and Director Alice Troughton

Caught up in a battle on the planet Messaline, between the Humans and the Hath, the Doctor becomes a father once more.

Others birthdays today are: Sid Vicious (1957-1979), Fred Astaire (1899-1989)

©BBC Doctor Who 1963
Mark Campbell (2000) Doctor Who Pocket Essential Guide*

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