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Expo & Cons Torchwood: Miracle Day Convention by Christine Hannah Liddle

Miracle Day Convention review
Christine Hannah Liddle

How could I possible write a review that shows just how amazing this con was? It’s just not possible! I got there around 5pm on Friday. After I checked in I got my personalised con t-shirt from Molly Lyons, and went to talk to people at the con. Later on it was the opening ceremony; we all sat round tables waiting for the guests when suddenly we saw silhouettes behind the screen. Who else would it be apart from Eve and Kai doing ‘things’ with a banana? All the guests, Eve, Kai, Gareth, and Dichen introduced themselves and apologised on behalf of Phil Ford who couldn’t make it.

For gold ticket holders next was the meet and greet. We sat round separate tables and one by one the guests would sit and talk to us for a while. It was a lot of fun. Our table had selfies with each guest! But then Eve found a glove that someone had made. It looked just like the ‘Risen Mitten’ She grabbed it and ran around screeching: “TOOSH! TOSH! I’VE GOT THE BLOODY MAGIC GLOVE!” She then proceeded to resurrect both Naoko and Gareth; it was like Torchwood live on stage! Then a while later after a few glasses of wine… Eve stood up on a table saying that on Saturday at noon they would screen Countrycide with guest commentary and popcorn and wine. Infact she stood up on the table and announced it several times shouting. After the meet and greet everyone went to the party. A group of ‘Evelets’ and I all went to the bar where Kai bought us all a pint which was lovely. We also took more selfies! I went to bed a little while later after some horrendous dancing.

In the morning we had photos, I only had one with Eve but they went on until the screening of Countrycide. Then we all went to get seats for the screening. Let me say this now, don’t give the Torchwood cast a microphone! If you’re familiar with the episode you will know that the young woman fumbles for her keys panicked. Whereas Eve added voiceover shouting ‘Where’s my lipstick?! Where’s my lipstick?!” When the opening credits started Eve then sung along and shouted BOOM! when they finished. Then as soon as Mr Barrowman appeared on screen Kai started chanting ‘GAY GAY GAY GAY” when he stopped Owen’s perfectly timed line “It’s disgusting.” Happened making everyone laugh. They started basically just taking the piss out of everything. Including Naoko’s thin eyebrows after Naoko made a comment,    “Where’s my eyebrows?!”

When they starting looking for the cannibals. Eve commented ‘Its Naoko’s eyebrows!’ Tosh pulls out a gun in the episode “Shit my eyebrow’s really angry!”

However my personal favourite moment was when Ianto hears a noise and responds with ‘It was probably just a fox or something.’ Gareth commented, “A fox you dick? That’s why you’re the tea boy!” There are many more moments I could quote, all of them positively hilarious but we would be here all day!

After the screening there were lots of Q&A’s which were all very funny.   In one of them Naoko admitted she hadn’t read Harry Potter and Kai and Gareth made fun of her by going up to ask a question in her Solo panel starting with “In the fantasy adventure series……Harry potter.”

In Kai and Eve’s panel they talked about Barrowman’s cock as per usual! They told us the story of what he did with a Polaroid camera, and also what happened to the alien eye. After the Q&A’s and panels there was another party of course! 

I got to dance with Dichen and we took some pictures. I then met possibly the most awesome friend ever at a con. We went and sat in the bar and chatted with Dichen till about half three in the morning. She complained about how corrupt the audition system is and about directors before joking ‘You guys are like my therapists!’ It was genuine pleasure to get to know her. Me and my friend then stayed up all night with a group of con goers in the bar and lobby. (Totally regret some of what happened that night…I was far too drunk!)
In the morning there were more photo opportunities and then autographs. At the autograph table I asked Gareth about John Barrowman’s ‘…’ and Gareth informed me it was six foot long apparently!

Later there were more panels and the closing ceremony. During the final panel all the guests acted out season five. Jack gives birth to a re-incarnation of Ianto! It was hilarious to watch! I shed a few tears at the closing ceremony, and had to leave before the party unfortunately. It was definitely an eventful weekend. I met some great people and had a wonderful time I am definitely going next year!

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