Friday, 30 May 2014

Expo & Cons Target Zone Travels ComicCon Excel London

Target Zone Travels

MCM Comic Con Expo at Excel in London

I had an amazing time visiting this different form of convention.  Wow so much stuff so much to do, where to start.

Well due to the time limitation of my body (need to get fit), I just managed a day at this amazing place. So I elected for the Saturday, okay maybe a little wrongly as I learnt later.  But this is what I got up to.

First of all I got signed autographs from Julian Glover (who I hear you say), of course its Count Scarlioni / Scaroth from City of Death, a very lovely man who we can say is very well worked and may he continue to be.

I got an autograph from the delightful and wonderful, and beautiful Caroline Munro from Hammer Horror fame.  I must have seemed a drooling maniac as I asked her for an autograph, but she was very friendly taking time to talk to me asking where I was from etc.  Also we talked about her many roles, mostly of less and less clothing, oh how that would have been cold, and about Captain Kronos - Vampire Hunter, one of my favourite horrors.  I have to admit I fell in love with Caroline again and still have the grin.

I then bumped into Blogtor Who, what an nice man and talented film maker, will review the Who’s Changing DVD next month as a special. But I urge you to buy this.

Also saw Sarah Louise Madison and the Cops and Monsters team.  Ah Sarah, a very lovely lass and talented, amazingly only known to Who as a weeping angel, come on Steven, give this amazing talent a chance to shine in full glory on the show.  She is also a must to follow on Twitter, where she is very friendly and talkative.

The Cops and Monsters team in general are brilliant, from the lovely Sarah Louise Madison and Kirsty Strain, to the back room people, talented Iona and the boys.
If you not seen the taster episode, I urge you too, and also go and sponsor this group of people so they can make the series.

Take care all and keep watching, reading and listening to Torchwood, Doctor Who and especially Cops and Monsters.

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