Saturday, 31 May 2014

Articles Project: Torchwood - There for the Good Things in Life

Project: Torchwood
There for the Good Things in Life

On 27th April Rhian Ianto Cork from Bolton posted a status on Twitter asking for someone from Wales to adopt her.  We replied and retweeted the post.  It was read by many, and responded by a few, but one person stood out from the crowd, and that was Geraint Owen Davies, a Welshman from Cwmbran.  With the regular posts back and forth with Rhian, the pair struck up a friendship, that extended to phone calls and Skype calls.  They discovered they had similar tastes in music, tv etc, as well as similar ‘troubles and tribulations’.

The pair made plans to meet up at Cardiff ComicCon in November, as Rhian was going to Uni in September, but as the Skype calls continued, some lasting between 6 – 8 hours without so much as a pause, Geraint felt that he couldn’t be apart from Rhian for that length of time, and being ‘an impatient red headed Welshman’ took the bull by the horns and went for it. 

“Why should I forsake my happiness for others to be pleased?”  He told me.  “So I asked her and luckily she said yes and the week after we were in each other’s arms.  And the rest is now history.  So thank you Project: Torchwood.”

So there you go, we’re not just here for fandoms, we’re here also for happy beginnings and you can’t get much happier than that.

Congratulations at finding true love - Geraint and Rhian!

From the guys that got you talking!

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  1. It's a lovely story, thank you for sharing it with us, and I'm glad you guys got together, and I'm glad we were there to help :D