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News Happy Birthday Siobhan Hewlett

Happy Birthday Siobhan Hewlett

Siobhan played Harriet Derbyshire in ‘To The Last Man’. She was the Torchwood Operative picking up rift activity in the hospital where Tommy Brocklees was a patient.

Happy Birthday Siobhan

Did you know on this day in 1967 Episode 2 of The Faceless Ones was broadcast.  It was Season 4 and starred Patrick Troughton as the Doctor with Michael Craze, Anneke Wills, Frazer Hines as his companions. It also featured Donald Pickering, Pauline Collins, and Gilly Fraser.
Writers were David Ellis & Malcolm Hulke with Director Gerry Mill.

The story told of hideous aliens possessing the minds of innocent youngsters aboard their orbiting satellite

In 1972 Episode 2 of The Mutants was broadcast, it was Season 9 and starred Jon Pertwee as the Doctor with Jo Grant as his companion with the U.N.I.T. crew as ever close by.  The story also featured Geoffrey Palmer as the Administrator.
It was written by Bob Baker and Dave Martin and Directed by Christopher Barry.

On the planet Solos, the mutant population is being eliminated from existence.

In 2006 the 169th story New Earth was broadcast.  It was Season 28 and starred David Tennant as the Doctor with Billie Piper his companion.  It also featured Zoe Wanamaker, Camille Coduri, Adjoa Andoa and Sean Gallagher.
Writer was Russell T Davies and Director was James Hawes.

In a futuristic hospital experiments on cloned humans was being conducted by cats in wimples.

A few others celebrating their birthdays today are: Emma Watson, Emma Thompson, Leonardo da Vinci (1492-1519), Seth Rogen, Elizabeth Montgomery (1933-1995), Luke Evans and Cressida Cowell.


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