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News Happy Birthday Project: Torchwood 1 Year Old Today

Happy Birthday Project: Torchwood

One year old and still going strong!

Although no episodes of Torchwood were broadcast on this day, three episodes of Who were.

In 1965, Episode 2 of The Space Museum: The Dimensions of Time was broadcast.  It was Season 2 and William Hartnell was the Doctor with William Russell, Jacqueline Hill as his companions.  Jeremy Bulloch appeared in this story as Tor.
Writer was Glyn Jones and Director was Mervyn Pinfield.

The TARDIS jumps a time track and arrives on Xeros in its own future*

In 1971, Episode 4 of Colony in Space was broadcast.  It was Season 8 and starred Jon Pertwee as the Doctor, with Katy Manning as his companion, with the UNIT crew. With Roger Delgado and Helen Worth also appearing in the story.
Writer Malcolm Hulke with Director Michael Briant.

Colonists on a barren planet do battle against a ruthless mining company. 

In 2010, part two Flesh and Stone was broadcast.  It was the 206th story of Who and starred Matt Smith as the Doctor with Karen Gillan as his companion.  Alex Kingston and Iain Glen also appeared in the story.
Writer was Steven Moffat and Director was Adam Smith.

The team take refuge in the crashed starship Byzantium but the Weeping Angels have them surrounded.  Amy is close to death with the imprint of an Angel in her eye.  Can the Doctor save her, and the team before the Angels and the cracks of time threaten to wipe out every living person?

Others celebrating a birthday today are:  Ray Parker Jnr, Joanna Lumley, Calamity Jane – explorer (1852-1903), Una Stubbs and Jamie Dornan.

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