Friday, 18 April 2014

News Happy Birthday David Tennant

  Happy Birthday David Tennant

David played the 10th Doctor, my favourite Time Lord.  As well as playing roles on television, David has also worked on stage and in movies and has hosted Comic Relief.

Happy Birthday David

Did you know on this day in 1964, The Velvet Web which was the 2nd episode of The Keys of Marinus was broadcast?  It was Season 1 and starred William Hartnell as the Doctor, with Carole Ann Ford, William Russell and Jacqueline Hill as his companions.
Writer was Terry Nation and Director was John Gorrie.

To take back control on Marinus, the Doctor and his companions search for the four keys to a machine that controls the Voords.

In 1970, Episode of the Ambassadors of Death was broadcast.  It was Season 7 and starred Jon Pertwee as the Doctor with Caroline Shaw and Nicholas Courtney his companions.
Writer was David Whitaker and Director was Michael Ferguson.

Astronauts on a Mars mission are replaced by aliens and wreak havoc on Earth.

Two other people from Who celebrate their birthday today.  Writer David Whitaker (1928-4 Feb 1980), Eric Roberts (1957) and Camille Corduri. 

Others celebrating today are: Hayley Mills, James Woods, David Hewlett.

Have an awesome day David and let there be cake!

©BBC Doctor Who 1963
Mark Campbell (2000) Doctor Who Pocket Essential Guide

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