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Interviews Cops and Monsters - Fraser Coull

Interview with Fraser Coull – Cops and Monsters

First off, thanks for letting us know about the series and casting Kai Owen in the story.  Can you tell us more about the series itself and what it’s about, and how many episodes you’re hoping to make?

Fraser: Cops and Monsters is set 5 years in the future, in Scotland, where a small team, The Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland (PITS), is put together when vampires, werewolves and zombies come out of hiding and declare they want to be a part of everyday society. We plan to make 6 twenty minute episodes in series 1.

I read on the website that this will be a crowd funded venture, do you see that as a way forward for films being made these days, and has this been your first venture into crowd funding?

Fraser: Our mini-episode, which can be seen at  was crowd-funded, we raised over £2000, which was fantastic. We appreciate that £29,110 is a lot of money to raise but if 970 people donated £30 each we’ll hit our target. Of course we accept any donation! Every single penny raised will help us make this show.

I definitely do think that it’s made things a bit easier for first time or new filmmakers to make their projects but you need to be careful and think about what you need the money for and how to achieve that goal.

You’ve got an amazing cast list and guest list with Caitlin Blackwood, Gareth David-Lloyd and now Kai Owen, will these be regular guests in the series?

Fraser: At this stage Caitlin, Kai and Gareth all appear in one episode. If it goes well we hope to have them back for a second series.

What inspired you in putting this series together, who influenced you the most? Was it films, dramas, Torchwood, Who? Or books you’d read? Where did the idea come from?

Fraser: I had made a web series before, Night is Day, when I first came out of college in 2005 and we weren’t too experienced then and we didn’t have money, so the idea of doing another show a few years on and with more knowledge was too good to pass up. There’s a little subplot in Night is Day about police and supernatural forces so I re-visited that idea and expanded it into Cops and Monsters. Dramas are my biggest inspiration, such as Being Human and Torchwood.

Have you set up the crowd funding yet?  Let us know so we can help promote on the website, Twitter, FB and all our other sites up and down social networking sites. If we can help any, we will.

Fraser: Yep, it’s at  and people can get pledging! We’re offering set visits, phone calls from our cast, personalised video messages, signed scripts etc. We’ve got around 57 days to raise as much money as possible.

Whereabouts is Cops and Monsters being filmed and is there a possibility that we might see action sequences out in the streets of wherever you’re filming?

Fraser:  It’s going to be in Glasgow, mostly closed sets but if people want they can come along and visit our sets. That’s one of our perks if you pledge some money.

How did you all meet to put together the series? Who thought up the story (I know you have 3 writers) but whose brainchild is this? Did you all meet in Uni, college, or all school friends?  Tell us about yourselves!

Fraser: I came up with the initial idea and took it to Ian Smith. From there we sat down and devised the series arc and what had to happen in each episode. Then I assigned two episodes to both Ian, Amanda Kane and myself. How we met was through a networking event that I run for freelance filmmakers and TV professionals in Glasgow.

How did you manage to land Torchwood and Doctor Who stars for the web series?  I know Gareth has played a zombie in I Am Alone as we interviewed the writer and director of the film (see our website around Countrycide issue) but hooking Caitlin Blackwood, I’m so pleased to hear that, she’s a wonderful wee actress, great to see her in something new.  What was it that hooked them in for the roles?

Fraser: For the majority of our stars we approached their agents and sent them a script, and thankfully agreed! Caitlin has been on my radar for a while and her Mum was great at keeping in touch and we managed to work it out.

Will there be a rating on the episodes given the content? How and where will we be able to view the web series? Do we have to subscribe to it?

Fraser: I’d say it will be 12+ from the themes and the action in the series. People can access it on YouTube by searching Silly Wee Films, we will make a playlist for people to subscribe to. Or just go to

When do you expect to have the series ready to broadcast?

Fraser: We finish shooting at the end of July so hopefully late August or September.

Fraser Coull
Cops and Monsters - A New Digital Content Series

Photos courtesy Dougie Coull

Cover art created by Nikki Forrest

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