Monday, 3 March 2014

News Happy Birthday Jim Wilkins Illustrator In Print Comic

Happy Birthday Jim Wilkins

Jim is illustrator on the In Print Comics website which entertains us with short comic strips of Who with 7th & 8th Doctor and a bunch of other characters, recently In Print produced a series of sketches involving our good looking Captain, Jack Harkness.  I am very fond of that short series.

Happy Birthday Jim

Did you know on this day in 1973, episode 2 of Frontier in Space was broadcast?  It was Season 10 and starred Jon Pertwee as the Doctor with Katy Manning as his companion Jo Grant, with Nicholas Courtney, John Levene and Richard Franklin heading up U.N.I.T.’s involvement in the series.  Roger Delgado appeared in this story as The Master and Sirius 4 Commissioner.
The writer for the six parter story was Malcolm Hulke and director was Paul Bernard. 

The story is set in the 26th century and Earth and the planet Draconia are locked in a bitter battle for control of the galaxy

A few others celebrating their birthday with you are: Alexander Graham Bell (1847-1922), Ronan Keating 37, Jean Harlow (1911 – 1937), James Doohan (1920-2005)

Picture and reference source
©BBC Doctor Who 1963
Mark Campbell 2000 Pocket Essential Doctor Who Guide

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