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News Happy Birthday Freema Agyeman, John de Lancie & Marc Warren

Happy Birthday Freema Agyeman John de Lancie 
& Marc Warren

Freema Agyeman played Dr Martha Jones for both Doctor Who (2006-2010) and Torchwood (2008).  Freema has also entertained younger viewers in Old Jack’s Boat as Sheri Periwinkle, a mermaid (2013).  Currently Freema is in The Carrie Diaries as Larissa Loughlin.

John de Lancie played Shapiro in Miracle Day but is also recognised from his role as Q in Star Trek – The Next Generation (1987)  John has also appeared in Breaking Bad (2009 – 2010), Gamer (2009 )and Reign Over Me (2007).

Marc Warren appeared as Elton Pope in Doctor Who episode Love and Monsters in 2006 with the Absorbaloff, a creature created by a Blue Peter fan.  Marc has since appeared in Hustle (2004-2007), The Vice (1999- 2000), and Mad Dogs (2011).

Happy Birthday Freema, John and Marc

Did you know on this day in 1965 The Centre was broadcast?  It was Episode 6 of The Web Planet in Season 2.  William Hartnell was the Doctor with companions William Russell, Jacqueline Hill and Maureen O’Brien.  Bill Strutton was the writer and Richard Martin the Director.

The story tells of the winged Menoptra and the ant like Zarbi at war with each other, on the planet Vortis. 

In 1971, Episode 2, of The Claws of Axos was broadcast.  It was Season 8 and Jon Pertwee was the Doctor with Jo Grant (Katy Manning) as his companion.  It also featured The Master played by Roger Delgado, Tim Pigott-Smith as Harker.  Writer was Bob Baker and Director was Michael Ferguson.

The Axons have landed on Earth and need to refuel.  In exchange for this, they offer up Axonite, a miracle substance that according to them is a ‘thinking’ molecule that can replicate any substance.  But you should never believe everything you’re told!!!
The Axons are using the axonite to drain the energy from the planet, including every living thing.  Nice aren’t they!

Others celebrating their birthday today are:  Spike Lee, David Thewlis, Carl Reiner, Steve Mcfadden, William Hurt, Dame Vera Lynn

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