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News Happy Birthday Curtis Rivers - stuntman

Happy Birthday Curtis Rivers

Curtis is a stuntman and was John Barrowman’s stunt double in Torchwood during the years 2006-2009.  Curtis has also worked on Doctor Who, Holby City, Captain America, Da Vinci Code, Harry Potter to name but a few.

Did you know on this day in 1969, episode 2 of The Space Pirates was broadcast.  It was Season 6 and Patrick Troughton was the Doctor with Frazer Hines and Wendy Padbury as his two companions.
The story was written by Robert Holmes and Directed by Michael Hart. 

The TARDIS crew joined forces with the International Space Corps in their search for a bunch of intergalactic space pirates.

In 1975 the 2nd Episode of Genesis of the Daleks was broadcast, it was Season 12 and Tom Baker was the Doctor with Elisabeth Sladen and Ian Marter as his companions.  The writer was Terry Nation and Director David Maloney.

The Doctor was sent to Skaro to prevent the creation of the Daleks by the evil creator Davros.

In 1983 the 1st Episode of The King’s Demons was broadcast.  It was Season 19 and starred Peter Davison as the Doctor with Sarah Sutton and Janet Fielding as his companions.  It also featured Frank Windsor as Ranulf, Isla Blair as Isabella and Anthony Ainley as the Master/Estram.
Writer was Terence Dudley, and Director Tony Virgo.

For reasons of his own the Master, with the help of his shape shifting robot wants to halt the signing of the Magna Carta...

In 1984, Episode 3 of The Caves of Androzani was broadcast.  It was Season 21 and Peter Davison was the Doctor with Nicola Bryant as his companion.
It also featured John Normington as Morgus and Robert Glenister as Salateen.
Writer was Robert Holmes and Director Graeme Harper.

Peri and the Doctor are dying of Spectrox poisoning while caught in a war on on Androzani Minor

A few others celebrating their birthday today are: Judd Hirsch 79 and Will I Am 39.

Have a great day today!

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