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As you may or may not be aware, there is a petition to bring back Torchwood, and it’s headed up by the #SaveTorchwood group, who are based on Facebook and Twitter.  They have, through the website prepared a letter to be sent to the BBC, to request the return of Torchwood. 

We want it, the fans want it, and the cast very much want it. 

Below is the letter that the group will be sending.  If you feel strongly enough that you want to add your name to the ever growing list, then read the letter and follow the link to the site and let’s bring Torchwood BACK.

Danny Cohen, BBC
Ben Stephenson

On several accounts have the lead actors of Torchwood (John Barrowman, Eve Myles and even Gareth David-Lloyd) expressed their strong interest in reviving their roles of the last four series and openly asked fans to petition for it and to contact the BBC about this topic.

The question thus remains, why will it not be continued?

Considering the fact that thousands of fans travel to conventions all over the world in order to get a slice of Torchwood back into their life, and taking into account the thousands of stories out there concerning how the series could have gone on, the huge communities and groups that are, after all these years, still supporting the show, and the large amount of websites solely dedicated to the Torchwood universe, it should not be too difficult to make the BBC understand that there ARE enough viewers out there, and that another series WOULD be successful, also financially.

Quoting John Barrowman, “we think it is a big mistake to not do another series”. (Barrowman at the Torchwood Panel at MegaCon Orlando 2014)
While some fans naturally have certain expectations – some would like it to continue in the US, while others want the Hub in Cardiff back – I believe everyone will agree that the one thing we want is Torchwood Series 5, no matter the details – that is, apart from keeping the same lead actors, of course.

Therefore, we ask for the show to be continued. We stand as one to make our voices be heard, to let you know that all around the world people are waiting for the show to go on. We will support it, and we will do anything to get this show back on the screen again.

P.S. Please bring back Ianto Jones – it IS a series dealing with extraterrestrial life forms and time travel, after all. Thus it should not be too difficult to come up with a decent storyline that makes it possible to revive the character of Ianto Jones. While understanding that it is a show aimed at adults, and as such a certain amount of drama has to be maintained, we still want him to return, as does Gareth David-Lloyd. (David-Lloyd at Torchwood Panel at MegaCon Orlando 2014) No one can deny the incredible bond between the three characters of Jack, Gwen and Ianto and as such it would be a shame to omit that from a future show.
[Your name]

You can find the group here

You can also find them on twitter at  or follow the hashtag #SaveTorchwood.

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