Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Mothership RIP Malcolm Tierney

Malcolm Tierney
(Feb 25, 1938 – Feb 18, 2014)

Malcolm Tierney was born on 25th February 1938 in Manchester.  He was a British actor whose career began in film and television in 1964 where he played the photographer in one episode of No Hiding Place, a tv series that also featured several Doctor Who actors including William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton. 

Over the years Malcolm has appeared in many well known shows, such as in Lovejoy,  as Charlie Gimbert the arch nemesis of the antique dealer (1986-1993) where both characters would try to outdo each other every other week. 
In Dalziel and Pascoe he played Detective Chief Constable Raymond (1998-1999) and appeared in 5 episodes in the series.
In Doctor Who – The Trial of a Time Lord (1986) Malcolm appeared in episodes 9 – 12 Terror of the Vervoids as Doland who eventually meets his fate at the hands or rather stems of the Vervoids.

This was to be the second time that Malcolm would appear in a sci fi production.  Cast your mind back to 1977 and Star Wars Episode IV – A New Hope, and Imperial Officer serving on the first Death Star Lt. Shann Childsen.  Childsen was in charge of Detention Block AA-23 and was shot and killed by Luke Skywalker just as he was about to sound the alarm as Luke and Han and Chewbacca were rescuing Princess Leia Organa.  Malcolm was uncredited in this film.

In 1995 he played the role of the English Sheriff in Braveheart, a pretty nasty piece of work and I still can’t watch the scene where he slit William Wallace’s wife’s throat while she was tied to a post but cheered when he got his comeuppance much later. 

As well as television and film, Malcolm has also had success on stage, in both Shakespeare and non-Shakespearean roles from 1969 – 2001. 

Tierney’s final film, recently completed is Two Days in the Smoke (2014) where he plays Professor Arlo Greene.  This film as yet hasn’t been released, but from the synopsis and the huge cast list it looks a much see film. It’s written by Darren Ripley and directed by Ben Pickering.

Malcolm Tierney died on 18th February 2014.  He was 75.

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