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News Happy Birthday Mickie Newton & Dr. Owen Harper

Happy Birthday Mickie Newton
‘Our Toshiko’

Happy Birthday Mickie

Did you know on this day in 1970, episode 3 of Doctor Who and the Silurians was broadcast?  It was Season 7.  It starred Jon Pertwee as the Doctor with Caroline John and Nicholas Courtney as his regular companions.  It also featured Paul Darrow (Blake 7) as Hawkins and Geoffrey Palmer as Masters.  It was written by Malcolm Hulke and directed by Timothy Combe.

This was the first time we saw Bessie, the Edwardian car that Jon Pertwee drove around in when he wasn’t using the Tardis.  

The story tells of the Silurians causing trouble at an underground atomic research station when it keeps losing power and causes many of the staff to have mental breakdowns. There is a higher order at work in the caves.

In 1976 Episode 3 of The Seeds of Doom was broadcast.  It was Season 13 and Tom Baker was the Doctor with Elisabeth Sladen and Ian Marter his companions.  This episode also featured John Challis (Boycie) as Scorby.  The writer was Robert Banks Stewart and Director was Douglas Camfield.

A flesh eating Krynoid pod has been stolen by a mad man hell bent on wiping out all animal kind.

In 1981 Episode 3 of The Keeper of Traken broadcast.  It was Season 18 and Tom Baker was the Doctor this time with Matthew Waterhouse as his companion with Sarah Sutton playing Nyssa.  The episode also featured Graham Cole (The Bill) as Melkur and Anthony Ainley as Tremas/The Master. Writer was Johnny Byrne and Director was John Black.

The Master still in his hideous form as seen in The Deadly Assassin features again in this story.  The Doctor arrives back on N-Space with Adric to an area known as Traken Union.  It’s a quiet and peaceful place until Melkur arrives to take power and become the new Keeper.

Your birthday is even more special in that today is also St Valentine’s Day. 

Someone else who celebrates their birthday today and who means a lot to us at Torchwood, is Dr. Owen Harper, although there’s a little discrepancy as to what year  he was born (either 1980/1981) we all remember when he left us in 2009.  We all miss him greatly.  Owen Harper was loved by women all over and had a string of sexual partners from Megan Tegg to fiancée Katie, to pick ups in bars, to Suzie, Gwen, Diane and finally Toshiko who although they hadn’t been on a date, Tosh had loved him from that very first kiss under the mistletoe and was there for him right at the very end.

Another birthday boy is Simon Pegg 44 today.  Simon appeared in Doctor Who as The Editor on Satellite 5 in the year 200,000, on Floor 500 in the episode The Long Game.

The Editor worked for the Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe.  It was a massive gelatinous sentient creature similar to that of a giant slug that clung to the ceiling of the Floor 500.  It communicated through a series of screams and growls.  It had a mass of savage teeth and had to be kept in minus degrees temperature to survive.  The Editor controlled the newsfeed that was sent to the Earth below, manipulating the news giving the humans only what he deemed important, controlling everything that was sent and hunting out information against anyone likely to overthrow him and Max.

Others celebrating their birthday today are Zach Galligan 50, who played Billy Peltzer in the Gremlins films, and Freddie Highmore, 22 who as a child actor has appeared in many films including The Spiderwick Chronicles, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, was the voice of the Pantalaimon in The Golden Compass, and is now currently playing Norman Bates in the TV series Bates Motel.

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