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News Happy Birthday Dichen Lachman 22nd February

Happy Birthday Dichen Lachman

Happy Birthday Dichen

You will remember Dichen’s role as the CIA agent Lyn Peterfield in the episode ‘Rendition’ where she poisoned Captain Jack Harkness onboard the plane heading to the US.  Dichen also played Katya Kinski in Neighbours (2005-2007) before moving to the US 

Did you know on this day in 1964, Episode 1 Marco Polo: The Roof of the World was broadcast.  It was Season 1 and William Hartnell was the Doctor with Carole Ann Ford, William Russell and Jacqueline Hill his companions.  It also featured Mark Eden as Marco Polo.
Writer was John Lucarotti and Director was Waris Hussein.
The story has the Doctor and companions travelling with Marco Polo to Kublai Khan’s court in Peking.

In 1969, Episode 5 of The Seeds of Death was broadcast.  It was Season 6 and starred Patrick Troughton as the Doctor with Frazer Hines and Wendy Padbury as his companions.  The writer was Terrance Dicks and Director was Michael Ferguson.

The need for space exploration has been relaxed on Earth after the invention of T-Mats which can teleport people anywhere and everywhere.  A scientist keen to reintroduce rockets as a form of transport to the moon and builds one of his own, but without a crew to man it, the Doctor and his companions offer to crew it for him.  On the Moon at the relay station there has been a take over by martians known as The Ice Warriors.  Intent on invading the Earth they wish to deploy the Seeds of Death onto the planet below, making full use of the weather systems to allow the seeds to germinate and the fungus to grow.

In 1975 Episode 1 of a two parted story of The Sontaran Experiment was broadcast.  It was Season 12 and Tom Baker was the Doctor with Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan were his companions.  Bob Baker and Dave Martin were the writers and Rodney Bennett was the Director.

This story follows on from The Ark in Space.  The Doctor, Sarah Jane and Harry have teleported to Earth from the space station Nerva.  Something is living in the rocks and vaporising space ships as they track a signal, stranding several astronauts on the planet.  Harry falls down a crevasse, Sarah and the Doctor are kidnapped, Sarah suffers hallucinations at the hands of a Sontaran and the Doctor falls down a crevasse. 

Others celebrating their birthday today although not Torchwood or Doctor are:
George Washington (1732-1799), Drew Barrymore 39, Julie Walters 64, Lord and Lady Baden-Powell, Sir John Mills (1908 – 2005), Chris Moyles 40, Nigel Planer 61 to name but a few.  

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