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News Happy Birthday Christopher Eccleston

Happy Birthday Christopher Eccleston

50 today

Happy Birthday Christopher,

Did you know on this day in 1974 Episode 6 of Invasion of the Dinosaurs was broadcast.  It was Season 11 and Jon Pertwee was the Doctor with Sarah Jane Smith his companion along with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Sgt Benton and Captain Yates as U.N.I.T.  Martin Jarvis also appears in this story as Butler.
The Doctor’s Whomobile made its first appearance in this story, the futuristic car – not Bessie.

Dinosaurs are terrorising London, people are evacuated, Sarah Jane uncovers a plot to change the course of time and the Doctor discovers that Captain Yates is a traitor. 

Another Doctor Who actor celebrating their birthday today is none other than actress June Brown.  June famed for her role as Dot Cotton in Eastenders, appeared in the Doctor Who serial The Time Warrior (1973-1974) as Lady Eleanor of Wessex.  This was the first serial that involved the Sontaran and also our first meeting of Sarah Jane Smith.

Photo and research source

Doctor Who Pocket Essential Episode Guide by Mark Campbell

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