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Interviews Mark Lewis Jones - John Ellis 'Out of Time'

Interview with Mark Lewis Jones

Non Torchwood

I don’t think there’s been many programmes over the years where you haven’t been involved somewhere.  Recently, as of Saturday I saw you at the start of Atlantis just before Jason disappeared to the other side.  But I also noticed going through your list of credits on Wiki that in 2000 you were also in Jason and The Argonauts – Made for tv movie, incidentally was it for the same part?

Mark:  The part in Jason of the Argonauts was called Mopsul – a similar type of character but not the same one.

According to Wiki your acting for film/television began back in 1985, and up until 1992 your work was fairly regular, in 1995 you appeared in Casualty and A Mind to Kill, then a break of three years. After this time you’ve worked practically every year in one aspect or another, be it film, drama, voice over or stage.  You’re a very busy man, where do you find the time to relax?

Mark: Between ’92 – ’93 I worked at the R.S.C.

What do you remember about living out in North Wales and aside from your involvement with Theatr Clwyd have you properly been back home and has anything changed?

Mark: I go home to Rhos regularly as all my family still live there and have many friends still living there.

There seems to be a running theme throughout the roles you’ve taken over the years, from mythology, crime, sci fi/fantasy, are these the roles you prefer or are these the roles that you seem to be chosen for more than others?

Mark: I just seem to be chosen for these roles.

Dragon Age II seems popular amongst those who have appeared in Torchwood.  Eve Myles has given voice to a character in the Dragon Age video game, how did that come about and what was your character in the game?

Mark: Dragon Age II came about as do many other jobs – through auditioning.  I played Ser Emeric and other voices

Are you a method actor?

Mark: No I am not a method actor.

When did you first want to be an actor?

Mark:  I first wanted to act when I joined the Clwyd Youth Theatre in 1981.  I was 16/17.

During periods of resting what other work did you take in between acting?

Mark: I have been lucky enough not to have to do other work other than acting.  Although I did once deliver sandwiches just after leaving drama school.

Did you ever watch Doctor Who when you were growing up and who was your favourite Doctor, and your favourite Doctor Who moment?

Mark:  We all watched Doctor Who in the Seventies.

Kai Owen has performed at the Theatr Clwyd have you ever been in the same production at all?

Mark:  Kai and I have not worked together but have done a Torchwood Convention together.

If the fans want to find you on the internet, do you have a website?

Mark: I do not have a website but there is a Facebook Fan Page.


I felt sorry for John Ellis in Out of Time as his character had it harder in a way.  Coming from 1953 to find his young son was an old man in a nursing home suffering from dementia.  How did you get into character for that role and what did you think about when the scenes called for emotional distress?

Mark:  I thought that the ‘Out of Time’ episode was written so well by Kath Tregenna.  It made playing John Ellis a great experience.  I thought the scene where he visits his son at an old people’s home, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s was truly heartbreaking.

If you had been in a similar situation to John Ellis do you think you would have done anything different to him?

Mark:  I’m not sure how I would have reacted, I hope that I would have found a way to cope unlike poor John, who just simply didn’t want to live.

Fans Questions

Jess Emma Towey How did you prepare for your final scene (suicide) in Torchwood?

Mark: I just played the scene as written.  It was shot very simply which made it a very poignant moment.

David Maddocks is his father named Tydfil who worked as a carpenter?

Mark: Tydfil is my father.

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