Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Coffee Shop Random Shoes Caption Comp

Random Shoes Caption Comps


Eugene and Gwen stand across the road from Eugene’s house, Gwen has a paper bag containing the Eye, caption comps as they are require a slightly more humorous take on the situation, so what is Eugene really thinking?

Claudia Lindner: Eugene: this a wig?

Carol-Anne Hillman: Does this Ianto have gobstoppers then?


Gwen opens the bag containing the artefact; Jack lifts it out and admires it.  But what do you think was said?

Kirsty Price: Shut up Jack it does not go there!

DJ ~Jack~: Jack marvels at the size of gobstoppers these days.

Claudia Lindner Jack: You know, I once had a boyfriend who...
Owen: Ewww...

Michelle Grimes: My god, Gwen. What did you do to it? It was ten times that size last night!!

Justin Walters: Jack to Gwen "This is Hitler's one and only, I stole it off him when I shot him. Had to have some sort of memento"

Kim Hall: Gwen: "No idea what this is Jack but Ianto asked me to give it to you."
Jack: "Oh," *smirk* "It's a little camera, no doubt he's ..."
Owen: "Jack, if you want to shag the tea boy then do it in private. We don't want to know."

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