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News Happy Birthday Tom Baker

Happy Birthday Tom Baker

Born on this day in 1934, Tom is known to many of us as the 4th incarnation of the Time Lord we know as The Doctor which he played from 1974 to 1981. Tom has also played other characters in other programmes such as in Monarch of the Glen as Hector’s brother Donald McDonald, and has provided the voice over in ‘Little Britain.’
Tom’s list of credits extend from 1968 to present, he has a wonderful voice that was voted 4th most recognisable in a poll back in 2005, the Queen taking first, and Prime Ministers Blair and Thatcher taking 2nd and 3rd place.

Tom has also reprised his role as the 4th Doctor in three series of audio adventures for BBC Audiobooks: Hornet’s Nest, Demon Quest and Serpents Crest, with a new series of Doctor Who adventures with Big Finish released in 2013.

Happy Birthday Tom you celebrate your birthday with four broadcasted episodes of Doctor Who.

Enemy of the World (Season 5) Episode 5 of 6 in 1968
Starring Patrick Troughton,Frazer Hines and Deborah Watling.

Australia in the near future, dictator Salamander who is the spitting image of the 2nd Doctor has insane plans to rule the world. 

The Three Doctors (Season 10) Episode 4 of 4 in 1973, saw William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton reprise their roles to feature in a story written by Bob Baker and Dave Martin with Jon Pertwee as the current Doctor. 

The Time Lords called upon the first two Doctors to aid the current one in stopping stellar engineer Omega – who is trapped in a black hole – from causing universal destruction.

The Awakening, Season 21, episode 2 in 1984 featured the Fifth Doctor Peter Davison, with companions Janet Fielding, Mark Strickson and Nicola Bryant.  Producer: John Nathan Turner

The Civil War re-enactment in Little Hodcombe becomes a little too real for the inhabitants.

And finally, The Ghosts of N-Space, Radio 2 drama, Episode 1 in 1996 saw a return of the 3rd Doctor Jon Pertwee with companion Elizabeth Sladen as Sarah, and Nicholas Courtney as the Brig.  Writer: Barry Letts and Producer: Phil Clarke.

In Italy, the Doctor stops ghosts from invading the Earth.

Reference source:
Doctor Who: Pocket Essential by Mark Campbell

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