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News Happy Birthday Robin Miller Stinson

Happy Birthday Robin Miller Stinson

Happy Birthday Robin

Did you know that on this day, 21st January 1964,

Season 1, Series 2 The Daleks was broadcast.  It was Episode 5 – The Expedition and starred the First Doctor William Hartnell with companions Carole Ann Ford William Russell and Jacqueline Hill.
Story Editor was David Whitaker and Producer was Verity Lambert.

The Tardis lands on Skaro home to the beautiful Thals and the metallic Daleks.

Also on this day, in 1967 Episode 2 of Season 4’s The Underwater Menace was broadcast.  Writer was Geoffrey Orme and Director was Julia Smith.

Starring 2nd Doctor Patrick Troughton with Frazer Hines as his new companion, Jamie McCrimmon.

The story takes him to Atlantis, where a mad professor has plans of draining the world’s water into the Earth’s core.

In 1978 Season 15, Episode 3 of Underworld was broadcast.  We saw Tom Baker in the role of the Doctor with Louise Jameson and John Leeson as his companions.

Writers were Bob Baker & Dave Martin, Director was Norman Stewart.

In this story, the Minyans were searching for their lost colony ship that was now the core of a new planet.

Picture & research source:
Mark Campbell’s Doctor Who’s Pocket Essential book

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